Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Jessie Reyez - "Body Count"

The Canadian-Colombian master of raw, soulful ballads is back with a bubbly number to skewer the sexual double standard for women. “The luxury of not getting judged for ‘loving’ who you want to love should be given to everyone – including women,” she said. Damn straight. –Isabelia Herrera


Ruzzi - "Nave Espacial" ft. Meme

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ruzzi is ready for her close up, after playing with big leaguers like Julieta Venegas, Leon Larregui, and Café Tacvba. “Nave Espacial” borrows a page from the Javiera Mena book of pop and creates that interstellar vehicle to take us to a majestic dream planet, enhanced by an exquisite string arrangement and a little help from Meme, the tacvbo. Get ready for takeoff. –Cheky


Lors El Prieto - "Frasco De Pastillas"

Summery, dance-tinged dembow bangers are the norm these days, but Lors El Prieto pulls this one off masterfully by leaning on a thudding bass and vocals rendered breezy through the power of auto-tune. The song is heavy on angst – “un frasco de pastillas pa’ olvidarte” – but a light production hand covers the whole thing in a floaty, feathery sheen, kind of like the track itself popped a little blue pill. –Julyssa Lopez


La Marimba - "Agua Que Llegó"

La Marimba has an airy delivery that reminds us a bit of French-Cuban twins Ibeyi. On “Agua Que Llegó,” she pairs her voice with a gentle bossa nova melody, a choice that shows off her gift for subtlety and results in a balmy, ethereal effort. –Julyssa Lopez


Dotorado Pro - "Marimbadas"

Self-proclaimed “marimba king” Dotorado Pro returns to his favorite melodic percussion instrument to gift us yet another hit for those sweaty nights at the club. The Portuguese producer crafted the sticky “Marimbadas” with an impressive precision, so each moving part fizzes playfully on our ears and its tight kuduro rhythm creeps into our muscles. –Cheky


Moro - "Showtime"

Moro just dropped his new Irrelevant EP on JANUS, and we’re living for the way he managed to introduce his velvety voice to this off-kilter production. On opener “Showtime,” he flirts with instrumental textures like zapping through TV channels, but that never breaks the spell casted on us by his melodies. Music this creative can’t go unnoticed. –Cheky


Nova Materia - "Nov Power"

French-Chilean duo Nova Materia are hard at work on their debut album, which is coming out later this year on Crammed Discs, but they’re throwing us a bone to see what they’re up to. The bilingual “Nov Power” self-references the mineral and metallic elements they use to make their electronic rock, and we can feel their power from head to toe. –Cheky


Los Románticos de Zacatecas - "Gracias"

Although indie rock as the perpetual soundtrack to offbeat scenarios of love and yearning has faded from the mainstream, Los Románticos de Zacatecas remind us that popularity has nothing to do with things that are just plain truth. “Gracias” is starry-eyed, upbeat and just a little bit nostalgic, just like falling in love. –Marcos Hassan


Useless Youth - "Goodbye"

Really, nobody is ever good at goodbyes. Waving somebody off to the unknown evokes much more than sadness; it also carries all the happy times spent together with the person and that you shouldn’t worry about seeing them again, and yet. This lush and propulsive song by Mexico City’s Useless Youth seems to fall apart under the weight of so much emotion, like breaking down in tears after that last embrace, but somehow they pull through, for the good times. –Marcos Hassan


Boundary - "Cuantas Cosas Por"

The Dominican Republic’s Josué Suero makes music like he’s controlling the weather. With a twist of a knob he can create a gentle rainshower, and with a tap of his finger, the room becomes warmer. The nine-minute ambient opus “Cuantas Cosas Por” makes you feel like floating in zero gravity back in the womb, where nothing can hurt you. –Marcos Hassan


Snow Tha Product ft. DRAM - "Myself"

We’ve heard Cali emcee Snow Tha Product go hard on tracks like “Help A Bitch Out” and “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done),” but she also isn’t afraid to test up-tempo bounciness. While this collaboration with DRAM, rap’s merry prankster, lets her show off her playful side, Snow doesn’t let a perkier disposition dilute her flow: she’s brisk and serpentine as ever here. –Julyssa Lopez

Matt Hunter ft. Lele Pons - "Dicen"

Matt Hunter sings wispily of an unobtainable bad girl over a trickle of steel drums that curls into yet another example of the current moment’s dancey-dembow-pop cocktail. The “mala” refrain is expected, but the addition of singer Lele Pons adds a surprising woman’s perspective to the track and gives the two artists chance to clamber over each other’s voices, adding some complexity to the leisurely listen. –Julyssa Lopez

Jhay Cortez and J Balvin - "Están Pa' Mí"

Top-tier urbano songwriter Jhay Cortez steps into the spotlight with a hazy J Balvin collab. –Isabelia Herrera


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