11 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Cigarettes After Sex - "Crush"

“Crush” proves that no contemporary guitar band conjures the same amount of melancholy and lust as Cigarettes After Sex. The title track of their new two-song EP might be a career highlight, as the 60s-inspired melody sung by Greg González stretches into cavernous reverb, like kisses fading into dreams. –Marcos Hassan


Cuerpos Cósmicos - "Rain"

“Rain” stretches itself like a cold landscape, a horizon where a frozen moon rises to take over the night. Argentina’s Cuerpos Cósmicos know how to sneak in a ray of light through these mechanical sonic fields, thanks to singer Camille Motto’s sweet voice. It’s like a memory etched in a sun-damaged photograph. –Marcos Hassan


Kamixlo - “Golden Trigger”

Blue-haired producer Kamixlo is ending his musical drought with a new four-track EP titled King Kami, released via his Bala Club imprint. On “Golden Trigger,” he lures us into his world with ambient bait, only to catch us like a Venus flytrap. It’s all thanks to a signature eardrum-terrorizing explosion, a frenetic high-pitched vocal sample, and a distant dembow riddim. Wake up – you just got ran over by the Kamixlo train at full speed. –Cheky


Prehistöricos - “Si Se Acaba”

Tomás Preuss is a master of stirring the emotions inside of us with the music he makes as part of Prehistöricos, and the band’s new single, “Si Se Acaba,” does just that. In the middle of painting a picture of the perfect romance, Preuss pauses to reflect on the dawn of relationships, offering an alternative to heartbreak: gratitude for having lived through the experience. This isn’t future nostalgia; it’s a celebration of the present. –Cheky


Chini and the Technicians - "Espacio"

Chini and the Technicians have been scaling the evergreen ranks of Chile’s indie rock scene for years and their new album Arriba Es Abajo synthesizes the comforting warmth of DIY shows during the Santiago winter. “Espacio” is one of the record’s standout tracks, colliding sunny pop harmonies with 90s alt-rock, sure to pull you out of any rainy day funk. –Richard Villegas


LaBaq - "19"

LaBaq is back with her first new single since 2016’s VOA and she is once again plucking at her guitar as if tugging on literal heartstrings. “19” is a slow-burning prayer for equality and compassion that glides on minimal instrumentation before crescendoing into a passionate chant of the song’s chorus, “the love you can give,” triggering a tidal wave of emotional release. –Richard Villegas


Boundary - “Aquí Es”

17-year-old Dominican producer Boundary is one of the island’s rising young talents, and his track “Aquí Es” melds his love of DIY textures into a unique ambient universe. Look out for his new EP Confirmado Por Aquellos for more gauzy house. –Richard Villegas


Jeremih - "Cookie" (Florentino Edit)"

Tell me your summer doesn’t need the un-declinable nastiness of Jeremih’s “Cookie” split through with perreo intensity by Florentino. I’m going to ask if you’re feeling alright. –Caitlin Donohue


R1ZOM4 - "Afrodititia"

The fresh Toluca producer gives you a vision of gear love in this hefty, adrenaline-revving voyage of boom-chick, sirens, and high/low note pairings. –Caitlin Donohue


Trillones – “Destello”

Trillones is having an exceedingly productive year; he dropped an album back in March and a brand new mixtape called Donde Tú Gravitas, Yo Me Perdería just this week. Check out the tape’s closing track “Destello,” an experimental rumination inspired by the chaotic beauty of free jazz, loaded with fuzzy noise blasts and urgent cymbal crashes. –Richard Villegas


Piper Street Sound - "al·lu·vi·al" (Kaleema Remix)

ZZK collaborator Piper Street Sound released a whole EP inspired by Georgia’s Cumberland Island last year, but he’s taking us abroad with an international remix EP featuring Andrés Oddone, El Búho, and more. Kaleema takes over the serene-but-dancey “al·lu·vi·al” using her voice, a bass-heavy hip-hop beat, and a touching violin melody. This is the sound of a rainforest in the middle of nowhere. –Cheky


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