12 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Juan Son - "Wind"

Juan Son’s mysterious return to the spotlight continues, this time with a dizzying synth-driven single titled “Wind.” The video for the delightfully optimistic track finds the former Porter frontman using much of the same Buddhist, or perhaps Hare Krishna, imagery that featured prominently in his previous release, leading us to believe his upcoming album will be a transcendental spiritual journey. –Richard Villegas


Mán Cub - "Village Song"

Chicago’s Mán Cub has released a new single and video that finds him venturing further away from his alt-rock roots and into beautifully crafted R&B. Reminiscent of 90s vocalists like Seal and Jon Secada, his latest single “Village Song” is a love letter to the Windy City’s Little Village, the iconic Latinx hood that raised him. –Richard Villegas


In Corp Sanctis - "Las Cuestiones Que Nos Tienen Preocupados"

“Las Cuestiones Que Nos Tienen Preocupados” hits you with ambition, from the intricate production down to the unstoppable melodies displayed by the Buenos Aires band. The track passes by like a sunset before a major emotional breakthrough is about to occur, going from giddiness to somber reflection, but underneath the electronics and guitars, we know everything will be alright. –Marcos Hassan


R1ZOM4 & MΔTΣ - "TR15T30"

Mexican experimental dance label Dealer of Illusions brings together two maverick producers to fuck shit up. Warping some of reggaeton’s key elements – dembow riddims, sparse yet explosive instrumentals, rhythmic vocals – R1ZOM4 & MΔTΣ shape them to their liking, challenging conventions to ensure sweating on the dancefloor. –Marcos Hassan


LeeBrian ft. Lunay - "Como Te Gusta"

Those who have been waiting for the next round from Puerto Rican baby-faced emcee LeeBrian have this romántico epic to satisfy them. It’s a straightforward meet-cute with background effects that recall the X Files theme song. Let them serve as a reminder that your perfect club bae is out there. –Caitlin Donohue



There’s probably people out there who would not be all tingly about a stripped-down Ciara and Bow Wow duet set to a space dembow beat. I don’t know them, though. This is the latest from the Late Night Laggers-affiliated Angeleno producer, who is the most recent addition to Tomasa del Real’s neoperreo pack. –Caitlin Donohue


Ynfynyt Scroll - "Pónteme (Guaracha / Aleteo / Zapateo)"

On the album art for this rework, the producer and founder of new Bogotá club night Putivuelta looks like the latest addition to the cast of Ancient Aliens, but rest assured that this banger is up to Ynfynyt Scroll’s standards when it comes with significantly tweaked perreo calisthenics. –Caitlin Donohue


The Phoenix Flowers - "Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich (ft. Hugo Quezada)"

When you first encounter the aural avalanche of “Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich,” you can get blissfully caught between all the sounds enveloping your ear. This fusion of techno, goth, trip-hop and synthpop from the Puebla, Mexico trio works in a mysterious and charming way to bring a fresh combination of experimentation and melody. It’s also your new favorite snack-inspired song. –Marcos Hassan


Sr. Maniquí - "Caer"

It doesn’t take long to notice that Sr. Maniquí (aka Mariela Espinosa) has an amazing voice, with range and emotion to spare, but it’s her adventurous arrangements and thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics that set her apart from the folk pack. The Quito, Ecuador musician wanders fearlessly through tempo changes and finds warmth in subtle synths. –Marcos Hassan


isla - “Seal”

Venezuela’s isla caught the last rays of the summer sun and bottled them up in his latest single, “Seal.” With its hip-hop-inspired beat, funkified guitar work, and effervescent synth melodies, you can heat up to this track whenever you want to, all year round. –Cheky


Micca Mont - “El Camino”

To everyone looking for their own path without knowing where to start, Mexican singer-songwriter Micca Mont shines a light with “El Camino.” The dynamic pop song evolves from the timid to the epic, like when we have that one epiphany in life that fills our body with confidence, and Mont’s voice is there to take us by the hand through the journey. –Cheky


Jessie Reyez - "F*** Being Friends"

If there’s any composition that captures Jessie Reyez’s potential as one of the most promising pop songwriters of our time, it’s “F*** Being Friends.” On this bouncy, spaced-out track, Reyez assures it’s us OK to embrace our feelings for a potential boo. The Colombian-Canadian singer is defiant and sure about she wants, and we should be too.  –Isabelia Herrera


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