Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Rosalía - "Malamente"

Rosalía got a big bump with a feature on J Balvin’s new album Vibras, and she’s already seen the heat rise on this, her hushed flamenco follow-up single. “Malamente” is the re-telling of an eerie night of memories and resolve. The video is an equally lucid assemblage of visuals inspired by bullfighting and purple Semana Santa robes, though it’s best understood by letting go of the literal. –Caitlin Dononue


Los Wálters - "Calma"

Los Wálters’ new single “Calma” is dance floor zen with a somber twist that feels like fresh new territory for the Puerto Rican synth pop wizards. Released ahead of the band’s fourth studio album out later this month, “Calma” hints at themes of conflict and perseverance, a major departure from their usually whimsical songs about road tripping and puppy love. –Richard Villegas


Ferraz - "Incógnito"

Ferraz has always counted with an impressive list of international singers to provide vocals for his slick productions, but he’s now finally ready to take the wheel. On his single “Incógnito,” the Mexico-based Venezuelan artist grabs the mic for the first time, opening his heart to his loved one over a funky, sumptuous UK-influenced beat. –Cheky


Siete Catorce - "Susurro"

“Susurro,” the third track on Siete Catorce’s Agnosia EP, isn’t for easy listening. On the one hand, the Mexican producer creates a hellish experience resembling sleep paralysis; on the other, he conjures a sticky kuduro-like rhythm, just to see the world burn. As hard as it may seem to reconcile these two complexities, we can’t help but to masochistically keep coming back to the track. –Cheky


Museless - "Japanese Church"

There is darkness looming under the bass and haziness steaming from the synth tones that build the sound of Museless’ “Japanese Church.” It’s hard not to imagine yourself in the specific place mentioned in the song’s title, but Barcelona’s Laura Llopart surprises the listener by injecting a kinetic, trap-like beat in the song, giving her abstract electronics some feet to stand on solid ground. –Marcos Hassan


C. Tangana - "Traicionero" (ft. Cromo X)

C.Tangana got the lab results back, and it turns out you’re fake. This high-adrenaline dembow is going to spike your heartrate and have you eying the crew for signs of a fake friend. It’s a razor-sharp joint presented by NAAFI, but produced by A.C. and DJ Buddha, featuring dembow titan Cromo X. –Caitlin Donohue


El Shirota - "Desacuerdo

At this point in the century, it’s very hard to be a rock band and to take your listeners by surprise in a good way. Mexico’s El Shirota can rock like a motherfucker, but they always leave something that will knock you out unexpectedly, and that’s what makes “Desacuerdo” feel so fresh. –Marcos Hassan


Upgrayedd Smurphy - "Jaguar"

Inspired by a trip to the Yucatán Peninsula in search of healing, Mexico’s Upgrayyed Smurphy shares one of her danciest tracks to date. “Jaguar” aims to heal listeners through body movements and beat drops. –Marcos Hassan


FNTXY - "Rey De Corazones Rotos"

Mexico’s quickly rising rapper gives you his fuckboi resume in a nice, boppable package on the closing track of his new Rey De Corazones release. A racing merengue piano sample from “El Baile del Beeper” effectively communicates the fact that FNTXY is the new mexa showman. –Caitlin Donohue


Jesse Baez & Dillon Francis - "Quiero Saber"

You know you’re pop when you’ve got a track with Dillon Francis, so kudos to R&B’s fave stoner Jesse Baez on landing this one. “Quiero Saber” is a collage of early 90s drops, haunted house shrieks, Jesse’s lovelorn coos, and ecstatic, “Sorry”-like bubbles. –Caitlin Donohue

Diamante Eléctrico - “Hacia La Noche”

Latin Grammy Award-winning trio Diamante Eléctrico have set off the countdown to the release of their upcoming fourth album Buitres withnew single “Hacia La Noche.” Through this mid-tempo dance-rock number, they’re extending us an invitation to get lost and let loose in the dangerous dark of the night, and we’re having a hard time saying no. –Cheky


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