This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Tropical Tribal, Deep Synth & Funk Carioca

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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Joey LaBeija – BBHM$$$ (Joey LaBeija Remix)

Is Soundcloud an outdated platform already? Is Rihanna cheap and running out of ideas? Who cares, it’s fine. Joey LaBeija gives us tropical tribal circuit house with this remix of her track, in a similar vein to his Drake remix last month. He also just announced the finale of his ‘Legendary’ party series, which takes place at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg this weekend. Perhaps it’s for the best; he’s working on a new EP that, God willing, will be a shout back to ahistorical, queer appropriators.  

– Marco Gomez

Herr Johann - What are my eyes 4 EP Preview

Mexico City’s Gold Frame Records is about to drop one of their first international collabs with Lausanne, Switzerland’s Herr Johann. We’ll be covering this work in-depth later on, but you can start off by peeping this marvelous preview, featuring layers of deep and emotive synth lines and UK Garage breaks.

– Adrián Méndez

Elecesar - The Main Number RE-EDIT (ft. BFlecha)

I am a very huge fan of BFlecha’s work. Like, groupie level fandom. I think I even scared her once at Monterrey’s Nrmal *lol*. But that aside, one time I read in an interview that the Vigo scene initially wanted to leave Spain and make it big abroad, but somewhere along the way, they changed their mind and now they’re trying to make their OWN scene and movement in Spain instead. Not sure if my shitty memory is tricking me here, but that’s why I follow Arkestra’s legacy religiously, especially when it comes to their chief commander, BFlecha. So, when I saw Banana Bahia’s Elecesar featuring her, I immediately knew the song would end up in this week’s Soundcloud Selects.

– Eric Gamboa

Faded - Close To Me

NWLA protégé Faded dropped this lush Baile Funk-inspired track a couple of weeks back, through small Guadalajara-based DaFuture label. Between deep synths and sets of classic Baile Carioca samples, Faded works in an infusion of trap, for a relaxed yet danceable groove. It’s definitely worth a peep. If you’re going to be in Mexico City this coming May 16th, don’t miss his set at Festival Marvin!

– Adrián Méndez

Quixosis - Aguas

FKA “lofeye, aftr, and untide,” QTZLCTL’s all new Quixosis is something I stumbled upon just today and I’ve been tripping balls to the shamanic sound on their Aguas EP like Terence McKenna ever since. No wonder Gorka Molero and Nicola Cruz’s music collective is called QTZLCTL. This wonderful piece comes to us from Quito via Oakland and it’s Pure Divine Moments of Truth for contemporary ears and minds. If you’re into the whole New Age Spirit Science thing, you’ll definitely want to consider this track for your next dimethyltryptaminic adventure.

– Eric Gamboa

Space Age Enterprises - Unknown Insects Announce The Inevitable

Space Age Enterprises is a project authored by Victor Navarro. It’s been in the works for a while out here in Mexico, and we’ll probably get more news about it later on this year – but for now, Navarro has just self-released his first LP titled Dolphin Star Temple. It’s sort of a trip into a psychedelic, electronic environment that lies somewhere between the likes of Animal Collective and Matilda Manzana, or Algodón Egipcio. “Unknown Insects Announce The Inevitable” is pretty interesting as an example of how narrative his music is. A heavy and aggressive synth takes the pace forward, like a stampede of critters whose chatter is brought to life through randomized, high-pitched noises.

– Adrián Méndez

Technic Trouble & Tres Mil 330 - Amor de Ilusión Óptica

Technic Trouble & Tres Mil 330 are 2 producer / DJs who’ve been in the Mexican underground scene for a minute, although published material is scarce for both. This brand new track “Amor de Ilusión Óptica” is a sort of a “Where are they now?” type update. They’ve held on to their original, analog-driven sound from back in the day, adding some new ideas on techno production, including a haunting yet funky synth that leads the way with the help of some 303 sequences.

– Adrián Méndez