This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Iberian Juke, Zoukbow, & Chilean Tech-Vogue

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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V/A - Iberian Juke Vol. 1 Compilation

Juke is on a heavy campaign to conquer every corner of the world, and this brand new label Iberian Juke is just another example of how that’s happening. This compilation includes over 20 tracks, all produced by artists native to the Iberian peninsula, and it’s good place to start looking for the specifics of Spanish ghetto house and its ramifications. Some of our favorite tunes in this include new comer ¥€$Ø’s “No Me La Flipo,” a piece that reminded me a lot of Chicago’s DJ Chi-C juketon style, and Skygaze with “Play,” a piece of deep house driven juke that will make any pair of legs shuffle like crazy. – Adrián Méndez

DJ Blass - Traga Trak

Lisbon-hailing Enchufada Records released their “We call it Zouk Bass Vol. II” VA compilation a little less than a month ago, and it’s been rocking our socks ever since, particularly “Traga track” by legendary boricua dembow master DJ Blass. It’s interesting that someone who pioneered the iconic sound of Puerto Rican reggaeton can still evolve beyond his master body of work, and Blass is finding pretty good ideas inside zouk bass. –Adrián Méndez

Kid Antoine & Divoli S'vere - Nightvision X Like This - (Fraxinus Remix) (Tomás Urquieta Bootleg)

The bootleg of a remix of an original track – that’s what a rhizomatic approach to producing is all about and Tomas Urquieta is a specialist in this area. This time around, Urquieta brings his raw and ultra futuristic techno ideas into a Ballroom track featuring some of today’s most active Vogue MCs. It’s a pretty interesting flip of a flip that we have here; not only is Urquieta redefining the lyrical content but he’s also giving Fraxinus’ beats another twist that takes the idea of the track to whole other level. –Adrián Méndez

Alex M. – Nite Swept

Alex M. is the straight up king of Texan deep house. “Nite Swept” is a piece full of hard four-to-the-floor energy and polyphonic synth stabs that can set a dance floor ablaze. If you’re into piano house with a bit more of an edge, then Alex M. is definitely the producer you want. – Adrián Méndez

Happy Colors - No Me Jodan

We’re exactly a week away from Dominican independence, meaning that yours truly gets to pick a platano flavored track for this column. “No Me Jodas” is the track that best represents my actual state. “No me jodas” with more work because it’s Friday. “No me jodas” sending me pictures of a Presidente at the beach; we’re freezing in NYC. “No me jodas” because I’m about to get up from desk and twerk in the middle of the office.

FYI: It’s Friday and #dominicansbelike “No me jodas porque hoy se beeeebe. – Joel Moya

Fake Moustache - Ganas

The Mexican Bass League or Liga Mexicana del Bass has just released a 3 piece EP by Mexico City genre blender Fake Moustache. Among all the hard tropical vybes in this work, the track “Ganas” caught my attention thanks to its frenetic reggaeton vocals, and a hard but dark mood that evolves along the duration of the track. It’s a straight up banger that has to be dropped this very same weekend. – Adrián Méndez

Foyone - Lo Mantengo (BSN Posse)

Malaga’s “easy-listening footwork” duo BSN Posse are heavily repping a la Madre Patria with their (RBMA Certified) Iberian Juke, this time elegantly crafted around Foyone’s “Lo Mantengo” via the remix road. Not that far away from the original version of the Spanish rapper, what BSN Posse did here was carefully modernize the beatmaking of the classic 60s sample-based old school production method, with much class and nothing but good intentions. Can’t wait to hear this with a big blunt marinated with syrup. – Eric Gamboa

Miguel - Sure Thing (Saen. Remix)

Never heard of Saen. before, but apparently they’re just a couple of talented 17 year olds making introspective chill trap beats from separate unknown places within the US. This Miguel bootleg is quite the soothing experience, those synths are the real star of the song. This one of those songs that demand pole or lap dancing ladies. No disrespect, it’s just that this song was made for extreme lascivious behaviour. – Eric Gamboa