This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Champeta Trance, New Latin Jersey Sound, Psychedelic Ghetto House, Bundatwerk & Miami Bass

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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Twister El Rey ft. Mr Steve - La Espeluca

Carnaval in Barranquilla was about two weeks ago, and while I’m detoxifying from the aguardiente and glitter indulgence, it’s probably time to share the Song of 2015, as determined by democracy. In a city-wide voting process. “El Espeluca” is all that one could hope for in an anthem: instructions–a-la-Serrucho–for your Costeño Partner Dances, a sort-of melody rip from Enrique Iglesias, Casio SK5 scratches, pico shout outs, and Mr. Steve yelling things. What more do you want, people? – Sara Skolnick

Rahel - Restless (Joey Labeija & False Witness Remix)

Joey & False Witness are prepping up for their monthly NYC party, Legendary with new R&B songstress, Rahel. This remix of her song, “Restless,” starts off slow and moody, like bad breakup, but picks up a frantic pace that blends grime sinewaves, distant telephone static, and dembow/bubblin drum patterns. – Marco Gomez

El DJ Duro - Faded (Duro's Jerseyton Bootleg)

Turns out moombah vybz are not going anywhere but yo’ face this 2015, and that’s fucking exciting. I don’t care, bring it on. I can take any sort of dembow. I’m fucking addicted to this stuff. I like them spicy beats. Cutebow, Art Basel-bow, dreambow, jerseyton, whatever, bruh. You name it. Just keep throwing these bombs on SC. Pretty please. – Eric Gamboa

MVNG - Aeriel View (Fonobisa Edit)

Fonobisa was truly one of the break through artists last year from the Mexican electronic undergound scene, and he’ll surely keep up the excellent production during 2015 starting with this edit for MVNG‘s “Aeriel View”, which came out just this week on his Pacific Sol Bird EP from Mexico’s DaFuture label. Check out these obscure and sub melodic techno patterns that, although short, carry a good amount of punch to start a clubbing weekend properly. – Adrián Mendez

Jubilee - Jealous

Mixpak might have already put this best when they asked the question: “What if Pitbull went to Eskimo Dance in London in 2003?” Actually is there a better question, ever? Brooklyn by-way-of Miami/honorary Latina Jubilee proivdes the soundtrack to this Miami bass, freaked-out flamigo backdrop, perfectly poised to get the weirdest to at peak rave times. – Sara Skolnick

DJ Papi - Ritmo (Klamidia Mixxx)

Exxxtra Picante keeps the Tech Mex hits rolling in, this time with this venerable piece by a certain DJ Papi of uncertain origin, something that’s become a iconic setting for the label. There’s a kind of cumbia sample added to this piece that really gives this track a more folky approach in a way, although it’s still a great track for mixing and an even better one to get loose to on the dancefloor. – Adrián Mendez

DJ Cueheat - Latin Club Take Over Vol. 1

I said this was gonna be huge and I was totally right. DJ Cueheat just released a full EP of Jersey club versions of reggaeton singles. The EP spans it all, from Nicky Jam’s latest hit “Travesuras” to Zion y Lennox’s classic “Yo Voy”. The marriage of Latin Urban and the immediacy of the Jersey sound is truly a blessing for any club or dance party. – Marco Gomez

Fautre - Baile Dance

Fautre is the latest addition to the Mal Dicen/Latino Resistence crew and is already certified by Happy Colors and studio maestro Frank El Medico. I don’t know what “bundatwerk” is supposed to mean, but I’m pretty sure it’s something cray cray and it definitely does fit in this wild picture. “Baile Dance” is nuclear business, like really. This song is meant to destroy everything that gets near it. Techno-Viking style. Can’t wait to hear this on a huge sound system while melting on acid. – Eric Gamboa

Crocat - Untitled

Young Rob Portillo from Ciudad Juarez is the name behind the enigmatic musical concoctions of Crocat. Those who have been able to follow his limited catalog recognize a special touch with synths and melodies meant for a digital acid trip. This year Crocat has a few more things planned out for everyone interested, including a juke EP for Ten Toes Turbo label, which I guess is related to this little exerpt with no title, that will perhaps turn into a big psychedelic ghetto house track one day. – Adrián Mendez

Libano - ♡

Ran into this smooth cat Libano recently and his beats blew my mind, it’s truly some elegant Mexican hip-hop music. This track, which currently features a rare wav DL on soundcloud, is a suave sort of remix-and-not of Ice Cube’s “Today was a good day.”  Lyrics from a track that’s already a major classic get a 2k15 treatment that works to perfection with Cube’s original mood. – Adrián Mendez