This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Latin Juke, Dutch Dembow, Javier Estrada Returns

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

Javier Estrada – "Fenix"

Now this is something I didn’t see coming from big hearted-boy DJ Javier Estrada, a very prolific regio producer who usually works more with the moombahton and tribal palette of sounds. So when I first heard that big phat 4×4 kick on my speakes, I was like: For real? Next thing you know I was ready to grab a bottle of nice fucking vodka, and begin to dance to Javier’s latest shit while driving to the club. –Eric Gamboa

Nicky Jam – "Travesuras (DJ Chi-C's Juketon Remix)"

Another big player in the up and coming “juketon” or Latin juke scene from Chicago is Cristian Rangel aka Chi-C. He struck local gold with his “Tu madre me Jukea” track last year (check out his Soundcloud to peep it), and is looking for that 2015 gold starting with tracks such as this take on Nicky Jam’s 2014 hit “Travesura,” which involves switches between grindy Dominican dembow breaks and 160 BPM full-on ghetto house drops that are taking both genres of music to the next level. –Adrián Méndez

Dynasty – "Try Me (Spanish Remix)"

This version of Dej Loaf’s hit single from last year doesn’t have the same magic as the original (not to mention no hook, it’s just a long-ass freestyle), but what it lacks in catchiness it makes up for in novelty. This Spanish version isn’t half bad, though; it made it to DJ Lobo’s page so it has its merit. Play this track to surprise your friends at your next pre-game. –Marco Gomez

Kaptain Cadillac – "Beat Down (Umbertron 2015 Remix)"

Umbertron sets off 2015 with a very dynamic twist on juke-driven beats. This Chicago native takes on one of Paris’ top ghetto house bosses, Kaptain Cadillac, and pulls off an excellent melodic play between four to the floor patterns at 160 BPMs and trap breaks for what I hope will be something other producers in these particular branch of dance music will take to heart as the way the next wave of ghetto house needs to sound. –Adrián Méndez

DJ Assassin, DJ Merks & Nicky Jam – "Voy A Beber"

Nicky Jam is bae. Dude has been in the game as long (or arguably longer) than Daddy Yankee and claims both Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage. Really glad to know this track has a dope Jersey version out there in the universe. –Marco Gomez

Danilo – "Kiri's Place"

This is what happens when you give a reggaeton sample pack to a Dutch producer born in the ’90s. Can you imagine that? I always wonder how güeros behave while they’re producing this fire. Come on, how do they even groove to it? I don’t know, most of the güeros I’ve seen produce this fuego in person are usually not that much into the body moving. I’m not being prejudiced, just honest. But I totally picture young Daniel Wijkhuizen turning to the camera–right after exporting this track’s final mix–and saying something that’d make it to’em Thug Life video compilations, like “I’m Dutch. Shut the fuck up.” Then the Dr. Dre beat drops. –Eric Gamboa

Jamez Manuel – "Sin Descanso"

Zonora Point’s Jamez Manuel is a rap king. You can clearly listen his voice stand out from the other homies featured in this track and even the production, which is also very royal, but that’s what you’d expect from King Doudou. So, to make story short, this is pure Chilean hip-hop dynamite. Chile knows what’s up when it comes to rap en español circa Los Tetas. Thank you Jamez for keeping it classy. –Eric Gamboa

Franjazzco – "If Dub"

On an transnational take of juke and ghetto house comes Vienna, Austria’s Franzjazzco with this “If Dub,” released via the Ten Toes Turbo label. A pretty mellow, dark juke track that features a great use of a Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You” acapella, something I hadn’t heard before and didn’t think possible until I heard it in this piece that’s part of his brand new Chemtrails EP. –Adrián Méndez

Future Brown feat. Tink – "Room 302"

Future Brown is all types of nationalities, but if you wanna get specific, it’s a quarter Puerto Rican. Producer Daniel Pineda is one of the four members of this producer supergroup; their first release on Warp Records is quite possibly one of the most highly-anticipated albums of this year. Get a preview of the album with their latest single “Room 302”. –Marco Gomez