This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Emo Reggaeton, Stoner Bass, Swedish Riddims

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

Eddie Mercury – "Quien Sabe"

Anyone that’s familiar with Mexico City’s Electrique Musique label will have surely heard a couple of Eddie Mercury’s raw pieces of house music that have become part of the label’s distinctive seal. This time Eddie is ready to step it up a notch with this track that’s part of his first EP on one the United States’ longest standing dance labels, Nervous Records. This is kind of a milestone for the current generation of techno and house producers coming from Mexico, and we can only hope that the hits keep rolling in from south of the border. –Adrián Méndez

Ynfynyt Scroll – "Throw Away"

Co-head of Track Meet DJ Crew and Brooklyn resident, Ynfynyt Scroll is really great at reinventing mainstream hits such as Future’s “Throw Away” to make them sound sometimes even better than the original ones. That’s the beauty of remixing, I guess. You can take a peek of the near future sound of club music through this “emotional reggaeton” song. –Eric Gamboa

Los Teke Teke – "Lambon 3D"

I would call it a Moment of Enchantment when I saw that Los Teke Teke’s newest track had popped up in my Soundcloud feed. Crazy Design and Carlitos Way are back, forming part of the perreo avalanche of new tracks that dropped right after the new year along with their dembow contemporaries Musicologo El Libro and Vakero. “Lambon 3D” doesn’t stay too far from the duo’s past releases, but still manages to take us into the promised mambo lands at a rapid pace. –Sara Skolnick

Dinamarca & Gnucci – "A.M.A.B"

This year could be huge for broken dembow and futuristic reggaeton. This track comes from Sweden’s Dinamarca & Gnucci, who are two artists you need to keep an eye on in general. I’m convinced the transatlantic ear can do wonders to music; Dinamarca creates an erratic new riddim with reggaeton instrumentation while Gnucci playfully commands she can “Make a man do anything for me.” –Marco Gomez

Happy Colors – "Tu Con Ese Culo Rompe El Toilet"

2014 will will forever be remembered as The Year of the Big Booty in the US. Ask Pornhub if you doubt it. Truth is, for us Latinos, it’s always the year of the big booty. If you doubt that, go right ahead and play this song really loud, and let dembow extraordinaire Happy Colors show what real big butt moving music really sounds like. –Eric Gamboa

False Witness – "The Dominican Walk"

Welcome to 2015! Back around Thanksgiving, I gave away a free edit from the False Witness archive that has been literal club fire for over two years. A simple balance between Master at Work’s “The Ha Dance” and the drum work of Nitido and Cristian’s incredibly cheesy “Dominican Tecno” created a far sexier blend that works on every single dance floor ever. If you’ve followed my work before, you’ll remember this was the starting track to my Dis Magazine mix Realidad Bodega. –Marco Gomez

Alex M. – "Spark it"

Alex M. is no stranger to getting his tracks posted on Remezcla, and it’s only because his brand of house music deserves such treatment. Formerly known by many as Top Billin’s very own Corcovado, Alex keeps pushing for a hard techno focused approach to deep house with “Spark it”. This piece comes along with a dozen other great dance floor tools as part of the clubwerks label’s end of 2014 compilation which was worth every single one of the 10 dollars I spent on it. –Adrián Méndez

Future Den – "Dos Mil Quince Mix"

Monterrey, N.L.’s Future Den is one hyperactive producer. I’ve had my ears set on his Soundcloud since last year, and everything that he has put out so far, including this awesomebroso mix, is pure kief for the hardcore stoner. You can tell how he likes a buncha different shit and the knocker is how he manages to swap between different genres like there’s no rhythmic boundries. Jaga-Jazzy juke, future bass, hip-hop, whatever, you name it. As long it makes you lean like a cholo, that is. –Eric Gamboa

Kali Uchis – "Know What I Want (Esta Remix)"

Temecula, CA’s very own Esta is a rather elegant and soulful producer, focused on hip-hop driven beats with many of them including a refreshing and danceable twist. This track is a deep, fine-sounding take on Kali Uchi’s “Know What I Want” that originally features a more reggae/dancehallish vybe. To me the R&B flip suits these lyrics perfectly, and is quite reminiscent of works by Erykah Badu. –Adrián Méndez