This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Seductive Trap, Avant-Garde Ghetto House, & Tropical R&B

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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BCOTB - Stance (1OO1O Remix)

We introduced to you this pair of future juke producers from San Luis Potosi last week and at last their brand new release from Ten Toes Turbo is available for free download this week (you should try to get it ASAP as the offer will end on monday). Though brief, the tracks travel through some interesting notions of melody and beat, relevant to juke as well as future garage. By far I’d say one of the most impressive pieces is this remix of “Stance” by 1OO1O, a Monterrey born and bred producer and designer known for his work at Finesse Records, both on the musical side and on the label’s aesthetic proposal. 1OO1O takes “Stance” to a place where the style of producers like 813 and Pixel Lord resonate. Between trap / club heavy beats that lead the way, we can enjoy the great rework on melodies and the addition of other instruments that really complete this as a dance-forward and emotive piece of music. – Adrian Mendez

STUD1NT - Preparty mix for LRAD.NYC — “EAVESDROP”

Last weekend, KUNQ artist STUD1NT wowed a full crowd at 4am during Joey Labeija‘s Legendary party. This week, she prepared a new mix for your pregame function. She’s headlining the Mask Magazine hosted LRAD.NYC party at All Gold, formerly the Print Shop of MoMA PS1 in Long Island City. She’s come a long way since opening up for Remezcla’s Cultura Dura kick off last year and I’m excited to see where she goes next. – Marco Gomez

Alex Beatz - Mix do Ghetto

Man, I have no recollection of how I landed in this part of Soundcloud, but that’s the very reason I’m always there. It’s like the NWO conspiracy videos on YouTube, you know, it all starts off with some “How To Dance Kuduro” video and next thing you know, you’re trapped in your room watching crap about Nephilim skulls. This kuduro mixtape was mixed and compiled by Alex Tavares, a young producer from Amora, Portugal, who is into something quite unique overall, but I picked his “Mix do Ghetto” mostly because it encapsules a bunch of top notch state of the art kwaito/kuduro club music, so be sure to hear all of Tavares’ contributions to SC! – Eric Gamboa

Sofia Reyes - Muevelo (Kilbourne x DJ 809 remix)

DJ Kilbourne is a Jersey-by-way-of-New-Orleans producer that’s been making a lot of waves in an underground club music scene that’s been taking the shape of Sophisticated Baltimore Club derivatives and avant-garde Ghetto House constructions. This time Kilbourne takes on Sofia Reyes, a Mexican 18 year old living in LA who’s about to make the jump to stardom thanks to the original bit of this track featuring Wisin from former dynamic duo Wisin y Yandel. I’m sure Sofia doesn’t know who Kilbourne is or what Jersey Club sounds like, but for those who are able to appreciate what it’s about, this piece should be an interesting treat. – Adrian Mendez

Melymel - Si Tu Mirada Matara

Melymel is a colleague of El Fother over at Alofoke Records in Dominicana. “Si Tu Mirada Matara” is another great example of these brand new tropical R&B ideas, Mely’s semi-raggamuffin flow is a real delight on top of this smooth trap sound kit confection. – Adrian Mendez

YNGN - Below Ground VIP (Send for Legion)

California-hailing YNGN is back from a four month recess with “Below Ground VIP,” which features the artist’s latest ideas on vogue, club and techno combinations that are iconic to his style. “Below Ground” runs through a cryptic environment full of suspense that won’t let go until you make it through its 2:45 minute duration – it’s the combination of dynamic movement and sudden stops that really make this a tour de force. – Adrian Mendez

El Fother - Tragedia

El Fother is a pretty heavyweight MC from Dominican Republic, he does his little Latin pop thing that’s pretty dope, very influenced by both reggaeton and R&B-driven sounds. “Tragedia” is a good way to see how vocals are evolving in these tropical rhythms, which we’ll surely start seeing remixed or edited in electronic tracks as soon as producers get their hands on this material. – Adrian Mendez

Abrigo de Pelos & Demer Moltisanti - Let me enter

“Más gordo que el culo de la Kardashian” says Spain’s Skygaze at 0:30 on the comments of this sick song. And I say HYFR. Abrigo de Pelos‘ beautiful sultry work mixed with Demer Moltisanti‘s demented lyrics (and world) is something I didn’t see coming at all. The result is just so damn mind-bending, it’s like BOOM: rap music from the future – as foretold by Antipop Consortium back when being weird wasn’t cool, just weird. Can’t wait to hear more from these two though!