Soundcloud Selects: Top 6 Picks This Week

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

Gingee – “Hybrid Pulse”

Gingee on FB
I could be wrong, but this track probably features some of Amon Tobin’s finest sound designs. The whole mix and composition in general of this track drags me to Native Instrument’s collaboration with Tobin (an even early Autechre). But again, I might be completely wrong. My point is, Gingee is pushing Afro-Caribbean rhythms forward with the same majesty Amon Tobin once did for breakbeat using foley sounds. It’s fucking amazing, inspiring, and wild. Thank you, sis. -Eric Gamboa

The Large - 2 On Mixtape

The Large, Dre Skull’s right hand lady at Mixpak Records brings us this mixtape that features a roundup of Caribbean talent and beyond. The opening track is an unreleased track by Mixpak’s newest signee, Murlo, followed by tracks that span dancehall, soca, dembow, and R&B. -Marco Gomez

Ynfynyt Scroll – “Club Going In”

It’s amazing what Texas’ Ynfynyt Scroll can achieve with them mixes. This “island turnup mix” is probably the most amazing and powerful track I heard this week. Can’t get the pitched-up vocal samples out of my head, not to mention YS’ crazy caribbean gangsta beats that never cease to impress me. I’m guessing this is the future-ready type of club music Brenmar was talking about back in the day. It’s finally here. I can already see you all dancing to this on Molly. -EG

Marlyn – “Young & Beautiful” (Bachata Remix)

I have a secret soft spot for Lana Del Ray’s crooning white girl ballads, and this Bachata cover takes me to a whole new level of Latino emo. Two-step to this while you cry. -MG

Jubilee – FACT Mix 461 (September 2014)

Jubilee gets the iconic FACT Magazine illustration treatment now that she has contributed to its mixfile series. This mix is a collection of all things low-end and is best experienced with a proper subwoofer (those white earbuds will not cut it). Her contribution showcases her effortless ability to blend through tracks meticulously while staying true to her unique sound. -MG


San Luis Potosí’s BCOTB are Finesse Records’ latest. Sometimes I wonder if this whole “future” prefix thingy will move on to real future shit and true authentic music, but meanwhile, I’ll stick to Finesse’s vision of this intangible “Mexican future” where everything is sexy and chill, full of hot ladies pole dancing. “MXCN YZK” is a great example of this norteño utopia. And yes. It stands for Mexican Yezka, in case you were wondering. Light up.