Soundcloud Selects: Top 7 Picks This Week

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

LSDXOXO & Joey LaBeija – The Sounds Of Legendary

This weekend, if you’re in NYC and you need to turn the fuck up, come through to Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg at midnight for Legendary, the new name for the party thrown by Boriqua DJ, Joey LaBeija. He’s your resident DJ, along with Dominican papi LSDXOXO, who together created this mixfile that covers just about all the bases of where your night will head. Get ready! -Marco Gomez

Billion Dollars – “Malcriado”

It’s not every day you get a promo in your inbox explaining that a track belongs to the “Satan Bass” genre. Here we have a release from Billion Dollars, aka Sebastian Carrillo, out of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, dropping some hard style basslines and heavy metal guitars for an electronic banger that could indeed be called Satan-esque. You have our attention, sir. -Sara Skolnick

Leo Justi – “HVY BL NSS PRR”

Once you listen to Justi’s heavy baile “HVY BL NSS PRR” song, there is no turning back. Just like back in the day when funk carioca exploded all over the world, this new sound of his is definitely shaking things up like a South American hurracaine and it’s only a matter of time that more beatsmiths hop into the nu-baile funk ride. BTW, Complex premiered the video for the track and you probably shouldn’t miss it either. -Eric Gamboa

Future Brown feat. Tink & 3D – “Na’Tee Wanna Party (Remix)”

As the newest signee’s to the famous UK record label, Warp, Future Brown brings a new version of their hit single ‘Wanna Party’ including rapper 3D Na’Tee. The new bars make this track even hotter than before; we’re hoping for a full extended cut of this track comes out on the official release, because it cuts out way to early. -MG

Tino El Pingüino – “Galería”

I just love what this dude raps about. He is real. He is straight up in your face. He isn’t scared of being ridiculed or pointed at. He is Tino and you can fuck off if you don’t like him because he’s full of your shit, my shit, and this sick sad’s world bullshit, so he sticks to the little details of life. The ordinary things we all do and encounter most weekends: Booze, blow, conyugal dilemas, bros growing old, etc. You name it. Tino is everywhere in the life of the average joe. -EG

Elebleu – “Mi Favorito Alcohol”

Self-promotion is for lame-os. But this mashup came out as an accident while I was just beginning to work on a mixtape for Fashion Week Mexico and I really wanted to share ahead. It was almost as if Jazz Bandana’s original song “La Gloria” was begging me to take it a little further, and luckily, I had Essáy’s remix of Henry Saiz’s “Fill Me Up”. Kinda bummed there wasn’t much space for me left at the end, but I totally love the result. It’s a track I would have totally made for myself. Hope you enjoy (and Mr. Bandana hears it). -EG


The Club Chemtrail crew prepared a special mixfile just to celebrate the occasion of the their NAAFI brethren arriving at the Portland, Oregon party this week. The tribute mix (aw) serves as another introduction to the collective for US crowds, with inclusion of tracks by Lao, Paul Marmota, and Mexican Jihad. -SS