Soundcloud Selects: Top 7 Picks This Week

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Our new series, Soundcloud Selects, takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

Jennifer Lopez – “I’m Real” ft. Ja Rule (Nons Remix)

This summer has been all about early 2000s vibes/nostalgia (which we’ve lovingly nicknamed Y2K-lo-k in the office) and this 808-inflected flip of “I’m Real” from Sydney-based producer Nons hits the spot. Now we just gotta bring back the pink velour tracksuits.–Andrea Gompf

Imaabs – “Voy”

Imaabs blends fast paced dembow drums with metallic and ominous synth patches in his new track Voy. The NAAFI affiliate’s clean production on this track is reminicent of the latest works from British label Her Records by artists like Sudanim or CYPHR. We definitely appreciate the sexier drum work though.–Marco Gomez

Adrian Be Phone – “Trip’n In”

So Adrian Be says this song is a year old and there’s Soundcloud to prove it. He just released it this week. That makes this a perfect example of how sometimes it’s best to just tuck away your roughest drafts yet, and let time do the rest of the job. Who knows, someday, you might open the capsule and realize that the only missing element, was indeed, just a whole chunk of time. I’m endlessly thankful to Mr. Be for saving this track until now, because it all finally makes sense.–Eric Gamboa


If you were in town for the first CULTURA DURA event in NYC, you may remember STUD1NT on the decks, opening up for acts like Venus X, Brenmar, Fuete Billete, & Alvaro Diaz. In a very short amount of time, her take on the future sound of dance music is brewing up a storm in the NYC underground. This is a dope mix of unreleased new material from Lit City Trax, Fade to Mind, and deep club cuts from the depths of the internet.–MG


Ssensorial Crew’s TYU might be one hell of a shy boy who barely talks when you meet him in person, but once you hear his impulsive releases on the web, you get it. The dude is just daydreaming the minimal house beats he’ll eventually end up producing once he gets home. “XxX” is a classic house tune you’d currently hear late night at any first world club, so you’ll be shocked when you find out where this comes from.–EG

Lechuga Zafiro – “سكين (Knife)”

I don’t even know what the fuck I would call this. Those drums, the sample choices, the rawness, its a lot to take in on first listen. Hailing from Uruguay, Lechuga Zafiro is definitely pulling from a wide range of influences and it’s incoherent at first, but oddly satisfying.–MG

WYNO – “Money Dont Matter 2 Me”

Did y’all know that prodigy boy, Mock the Zuma has a prodigy blood brother? That’d be WYNO, also hailing from the mordacious Ciudad Juárez. His real name is Alex Santana and he specializes more in the hip-hop side of beatmaking than his bro Kevin, who’s more of the wild explorer kind. Alex experiments within hip-hop in a drugged state of mind. He goes deep and the end result is something that does indeed sound like it was made by a wino. Purple drank/kush lovers will definitely enjoy this weird Gucci Mane inspired track.–EG