Soundcloud Selects: Top 7 Picks This Week

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

Atole – "¡Pancho!"

This track is by a band from the Northwest USA named Atole, who caught my attention years ago when their single Pancho appeared on the compilation album BROZONE, run by a small record label called States Rights (it featured some early work by The Dirty Projectors and YACHT, if that gives you an indication of how things turned out). I dunno where Atole is at currently, but I rediscovered this on a recent scroll thru the depths of Soundcloud, and it awoke all these feelings of schizophrenic teenage angst. It’s simple, it’s very lo-fi, and the homoerotic intro is brilliant. –Marco Gomez

BIA – "No Type Freestyle"

Outerspace Perico Princess’ freestyle are the best off my timeline. Always. This time trilla’s highness grabbed Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” and gave it the chola malcriada treatment. Now I’m having trouble deciding which one is bestest. The freestyle or the original? Holy shit. –Eric Gamboa

Kilbourne – "Satisfaction (Rizzla Remix)"

Kilbourne’s latest EP is a riot-inducing three track offering that remakes Jellybeans by Lil Kim protege Tiffany Foxx and Benny Benassi’s iconic club track “Satisfaction.” Rizzla of Fade to Mind comes through with a remix of “Satisfaction” that is the ultimate bridge between Changa Tuki, dembow, and donk(!?). While UK music enthusiasts may scoff at the idea of donk as cool, Rizzla pushes boundaries with the queerification of this abandoned club synth. It’s not about whats cool, its about what makes you wanna punch walls. –Marco Gomez

Kafu Banton – "New Level"

Kafu Banton returns in top form, delivering a smooth, straightforward single that places him again as a leader of the pack for Panamá’s new wave of dancehall en español. This one will be placed ever so securely in the digital Traktor crates for easing into an early evening warm up set. –Sara Skolnick

Skeptic – "Morning Booty" ft. Auudi & Unochosiete

Gettin’ it on in the morning is w00t. Ask any bae. Besides, it’s easier in the morning by far. Ask any guy. Mostly due to the fact that you’re fully awake, and most likely, sober. Now, if you add a lil of Skeptic’s sexy sounds, you just might become addicted to it. Just like coffee. –Eric Gamboa

DJ Demasiado – "Bailon En Mi ft. Drake"

110 is a great tempo to both turn up or down, which is probably what made moombahton such a hype genre for a period of time. Luckily, dembow and other genres exist at this tempo too, and DJ Demasiado pulls off a hot blend with Drake’s verse from Lil Wayne’s “Believe Me” at this sweet spot. –Marco Gomez

False Witness & Juliana Huxtable – "False Witness & Juliana Huxtable on NTS"

Juliana Huxtable and I went to London a few weeks ago to perform for the Frieze Art Fair. It was a fairly chill spectacle: lots of celebrities, lots of art, and a fuck ton of champagne. That week we hit up NTS Radio in Dalston for Tropical Waste and met up with Joe (Iydes), along with Vegyn & Ersatz for a special midnight showcase. Have a listen as Juliana and I run through the best in contemporary NYC club music. –Marco Gomez