Mexico’s 10 Electronic Underground Artists to Watch, As Selected By Teen Flirt

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It’s no secret that Mexico is home to some of the most forward-looking production styles in the game: from Siete Catorce’s deconstructed, darkwave tribal, Smurphy’s dance floor-driven urban hybrid styles, to R&B/trap/Jersey club experimentalist Teen Flirt, who we’ve tapped here to predict the artists to keep a close eye on this year. The genre-splicing producer offers up some names to watch out for, some of which have less than 200 plays on their Soundcloud but are deserving of wide recognition nonetheless.

For the latest from Teen Flirt, check out his Essential Guide to Modern Love Vol. 4 mixtape below, with sultry club cuts from Optmst, Faded, Adrian Be, and more.


HD XD is probably the best electronic live show I’ve seen– they recently moved to New York, I hope these guys make it big out there.


I had the chance to hear a preview of Clubz’s upcoming album. These dudes have so much material, you can see their devotion to music as talented singers, musicians and beatmakers– they’re not to be missed this year.

Red Bro

Deep inside Mexico City, down south, where all you can do is make music, you’ll find raw treasures like this. This 19-year old kid Red Bro makes amazing beats that only have around 200 plays on Soundcloud.


King of the underground techno scene in Mexico, multi-disciplinary Alexander a.k.a. Mijo brings us this “Neanderthal Techno.” Mijo’s tracks are probably the best way to define Mexico City’s club scene: never-ending, forward-thinking, smiling while listening to loops in the darkness.

No Light

Young blood, dark Lord, full of hope and enigmatic feelings.


O.M.A.A.R. is probably N.A.A.F.I.’s greatest treasure. They connected with him while he’s living on the outskirts of of Mexico City– killer sounds, very futuristic.


Talk about live performances, AAAA’s sounds make love to analog machines like I’ve rarely seen in Mexico City.

Miguel Puente

My boy Miguel lives in Barcelona, but he created his sounds in Mexico. I’ve had the chance to see him play a couple of times, every single time he impresses me like no other house-related DJ. Love his productions!

Adan Cruz

Homeboy Adan Cruz has Mexico’s hip-hop scene in shock. He came out of nowhere and is making it big, thanks to his mellow beats and precise lyrics making his style so unusual. Shout out to one of his producers Ezekiel as well!


Label-mate 1OO1O brings that nostalgic sound to a whole new level; I’d never known a track that can get into this type of deepness. Can’t wait for his EP to drop this year.