The Best Spanish Covers of Drake and Future

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Because let’s be honest, Drake’s feelings and Future’s auto-tuned ballad-meets-bangers sound even more suaves en español.

Fuego - "Cuando Suena El Bling (Hotline Bling) Remix"

With Drizzy’s smooth vocals running the bachata-esque track, it was only appropriate for Fuego to flip the single in his own laid-back singing voice, and almost word-for-word Spanish.

Darkiel - "I Won (Spanish Version)"

Singing “Eres mi baby” is far romantic than likening your girl to a trophy, IMO. Darkiel takes the Future feat. Kanye track and gives it an even more heartfelt spin.


Faded - "That's All We Do"

Mexican producer Faded flipped one of Drake’s highlights from his latest album, Nothing Was The Same. And we mean flipped. Upside down. Funnily enough, the language of Drake’s “The Language”doesn’t actually change. But on Faded’s version, aptly named “That’s All We Do,” he turns up the pitch and the BPMs, and dresses the song in a very elegant outfit.

Real Sofoke Hiigh - "La Que Sofoca (Commas Remix)"

Because it’s good to hear some mamis spit for a change.

Sensato - "KLK 'The Motto' Remix"

Pitbull’s protege translates “erry day” to “k lo k” FTW.

Shelow Shaq - "Tu No Lo Sabe (U.O.E.N.O. Spanish Remix)"

Dominican emcee Shelow Shaq managed to turn U.O.E.N.O. feat. Future (a track best known for Rick Ross’s infamous, rapey verse) into a Sensato diss track about hitting it with the latter’s mom. The internet is a special place.


Fuego - "Take Care (Spanish Merengue Cover)"

Fuego has covered pretty much every Drake song, he is clearly a diehard stan. This one gets points for inclusion of shero Amara la Negra, and for giving it a more tropical take.

DJ Lobo - "Guariboa - March Madness Remix"

DJ Lobo really honored the autotune spirit of this one.

De La Ghetto - "Best I Ever Had Spanish Remix"

We’re big fans of remixes that start by saying “this the motherfuckin’ remix,” because, like, how else would we know, right? This one gets the award for Special Achievement in Translating Lyrics, and out-feelings-ing Drake.

Nicky Jam - "Turn on the Light"

Nicky-Nicky-Nicky Jam