These Artists Have Already Put Out Eff You Songs Dedicated to Donald Trump

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Reactions to Donald Trump’s recent offensive comments on Mexican immigrants have been varied. Some, like this man, choose a string of drunken expletives and confusing insults (pelo de arabe??).

Others, turn to music. Here are three artists who have already put out songs telling Trump.


La Maldita Vecindad - "El Sur del Sur"

La Maldita Vecindad used its 2009 song, “El Sur del Sur,” to call out Trump. “Now that his comments have been made public, the song ‘Sur del Sur’ is our response to a racist and completely ignorant vision like the one that he revealed about the Mexican migration,” Roco said.


Becky G - "We Are Mexico"

Becky G chose positivity with “We are Mexico.” She even included all of the Latin American flags to show that Latinos are united.


Erika Vidrio - "El Rap de Donald Trump"

Erika Vidrio decided to rap for the first time because she was so upset at Trump. She schools “el gringo de oro lleno de concreto” on immigration and tells him that there’s even immigrants in his own family.