This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Afro-House, Rowdy Dembow, Future Funk, & More

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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Sonido Berzerk & Tropikore - Quimera

Mexican tropical bass label Tropic-all has just released this massive (and free) piece that combines Sonido Berzerk‘s dynamic juke approach with Tropikore‘s self-described style of raunchy and fast tropical bass vibes. They couldn’t have picked a better name for their creation, as it is a sonic “quimera” that combines juke, cumbia shakes, baile funk patterns and vocal stabs, and a series of insisting pad melodies that complete the experience of this experiment.

Adrián Méndez

Dj BeBeDeRa - Suicida

This is one of those tracks where I’m not totally sure how it ended up on my SoundCloud feed, but I’m pleased to meet it in any case. On “Suicida,” Lisboa’s BeBeDeRa is taking part in the Lusophone diaspora digital dialogue, dropping a stripped-down tarraxa track as part of his “Free Bucket #1” series. Check his page for an onslaught of minimalist, wobbling tarraxo and Afro-house treats.

Sara Skolnick

Zion y Lennox - Pierdo La Cabeza (BBM Remix)

This weekly column is no stranger to Jersey Club and reggaeton music. Actually, I’ve noticed we constantly enjoy the crossover between both genres. Why? It’s weird, but in my personal case, I like that they’re mixable and get along very well. It’s really fun to mix bouncing booty-bass bangers with just about anything. The catchier the sample bit, the better. And well, most Latin mainstream hits are nothing but catchy hooks that slide like organic butter on a fancy teflon pan. It does get tiresome tho, but that’s why the reggaeton or bachata fusion works perfectly. It’s like a little break from all the madness that makes you feel at home.

Eric Gamboa

Teke Teke - Ando Loco

This Teke Teke cut–from the minds of Crazy Design and Carlito Wey–is a distinctly slower jam than their usual fare, which is a mix of rowdy dembow or even hyper-fast mambo/carnaval-style tracks. In case you don’t follow the gossip between these two, Crazy Design got in a bit of a televised mess with Dominican TV personality Guayubin on the show Cero es 3. Following a perceived, slightly homoerotic moment, Crazy Design felt some type of way and attacked the host. Homophobia or just a lack of respect on the part of the host? Oops.

Marco Gomez

BassBoss - Fog (Skygaze Remix)

When it comes to Spain’s wonderful Skygaze, it’s a sure shot. Everything that this tío drops is probably meant to be, like ’cause of fate, the universe, quantum physics, and shit. Buy you know it gets even better when he gets his hands on other people’s music, like Bassboss in this remix. This is a +/+ special blend though, old school IDM gets upgraded by, well, Skygaze’s awesome, ethereal balearic “micromusic.” Picture that EXACT moment when your favorite drug of choice kicks in (or when you gotta pee really bad and then finally achieve it, yeah, you know that one, aaahhhh). Those little pleasures of life, you know. Enjoy.

Eric Gamboa

FΛcy SedΛted - Girls Like You

So I just discovered this kid last week and he pretty much made it to my top picks of the year with just a couple of streamings from his SoundCloud page. This 17-year-old chap is currently pulling off some funk-and-club-influenced tracks, like “Girls Like You,” with all the groove and swag you could possibly need to dance and party like a jefe. Be sure to keep an eye out, I’m sure this new future-funk machine will keep a steady stream of bangers coming our way for what remains of the year.

Adrián Méndez

Soniccone - SIU LIM TAO EP

Soniccone is an up-and-coming, Mexicali-hailin’ producer who just released his first EP through Mexican netlabel Da Future. The three originals on this work are the result of a style he’s been working on for over a year, also related to a future-funk/house-driven sound that works pretty well and somewhat widens the scope of what goes on in Mexico in terms of the electronic underground that in many aspects has been working toward this type of sound through the cross breed of more established nu-disco house and bold future club niches.

Adrián Méndez