This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Deconstructed Dembow, Baile Vogue, & Nuevo Rap en Español

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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Ybab B - Quiera Co

Not really sure how this came to our ears, but once we heard it, we immediately reached out and asked the mysterious Soundcloud resident what was going on. Guess what? It’s classified. Ain’t that a bitch? All I can say is, you will see this name quite often. I’m just happy we can finally share it. So, if you ain’t got shitty weather where you live…turn this up and have a blast for us. – Eric Gamboa


A Dominican in Philly with the darkest beats and the cutest cameos: this is the best way I could describe the new LSDXOXO album that just dropped on Dazed Digital. The vogue meets baile funk meets streets of Philly via NYC influences are all on this LP, but the blends really hit hardest with “Cold Wintour” featuring Brooklyn rapper Cakes Da Killa. The breathlessness and airiness of the track and Cakes cold bars are the winning combination. – Marco Gomez

Tomas Urquieta - Rizoma

Santiago de Chile’s Tomas Urquieta is always good at developping complex and philosophical ideas around his work, and this brand new piece he made for chilean clothing brand TOPMAN is a continuation of these fixations. “Rizoma” is a blend of bassy four to floor and balearic style pads and synths that combine to form a cavernous atmosphere through its 5 minute duration. Definitely worth peeping on some speakers. – Adrián Méndez

Sonido Berzerk - Oh!

Ten Toes Turbo head honcho Sonido Berzerk released this single a couple of weeks ago after a long ass time teasing us with tastes of excerpts or snippets of upcoming works. This is a classic raw sounding piece by the Mexico City based producer, along with a sort of strange but soulful combination of organ and straight up synthetic sounding stabs. – Adrián Méndez

Dinamarca ft Dj New Jersey Drone & Al T4riq - Battle Trak (Imaabs Remix)

Imaabs serves up a slowed down version of the hectic original “Battle Trak” from Dinamarca’s No Hay Break EP. With a deconstructed dembow beat powering the track, which also features production credits for Dj New Jersey Drone and Al T4riq, the 2.0 version is reminiscent of the similarly modified, siren-filled club favorite “White Noise.” The full remix EP with edits from EndgamE, KABLAM, Drippin, Mobilegirl, and more will be available for purchase via STAYCORE on March 31st. – Sara Skolnick

Catarata - El Cactus (by Lost Twin)

Sergio Albarracín “Elphomega” and Pitino Elvira are Catarata. Absolutely not your average rap duo. But when it comes to La Madre Tierra, things do tend to get a little “friki” – like Catarata’s self-titled debut, which portrays a very strange combination of chopper rock & roll, Americana folk, and ambient music-landscapes made of tumbleweed, shooting stars and drunken crickets. You feeling me now? Ok, now remix that. That’s what these guys did for Remezclado. And I’m pretty positive I would have never given Catarata a listen if it wasn’t because of Lost Twin and BSN Posse‘s wonderful remixes. But this one right here, is far out there. So nice. – Eric Gamboa

Lizz - Shut Up & Get Me High

I’ve been around the webz and ay, ay, ay. Trust me. Chile’s Lizz is wild fuego, and a great DJ too. “Shut Up & Get Me High” is a dope mixtape Elisa Espinoza did for that’s full of “mucho flow, trap suavecito y deep, rap romántico, […] canciones para disfrutar una fumada con los amigos o tener una buena cita – esta vez – con un final feliz.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Alright, you heard the lady. Get this chulada on your iTunes going and LIGHT UP! – Eric Gamboa

Sin Freno - Tú no tiene money

We’ve mentioned artists from the Dominican label Alofoke in this section before due to their interesting approach to rap and R&B en español, and “Tú no tiene money” is just another example of why we’re digging it. Sin Freno & MGP The Saw click together perfectly, it’s a strange fusion that’s coming up in all spheres of Rap en Español worldwide that combines all the Latin slang and cultural baggage you would expect with an Anglo approach to flows and lyric delivery. – Adrián Méndez

Happy Colors & Danilo - Me Gusta Tu Cuerpo (Dj Chi-C Remix)

DJ Chi-C has been dropping some steady signature Juketon bangers since the start of the year and this time it’s a twist on “Me gusta tu Cuerpo” by Miami-based act Happy Colors. It’s the classic and evermore iconic Chi-C perc kit that works the Dominican MC’s acapella in a tenacious way, turning this remix into an instant ghetto house banger. – Adrián Méndez

Daddy Yankee & Don Omar - Desafío (Blastah edit)

Blastah is a producer from Lisbon with a strong taste for regional rhythms ranging from American Club driven percs all the way to dancehall and reggaeton. This spacey twist on Daddy Yankee & Don Omar’s “Desafío” takes it to a place where trap, twerk and dembow meet, along with some melodies that I’d say are even better than the arrangements in the original version. – Adrián Méndez