This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Kizomba, Cumbiaton, & Trap 2.0

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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Riobamba - The Arena Presents: Riobamba Live at Spring Training 3

Riobamba recently opened up at The Arena day party at the Paper Box in Brooklyn. Her set touched on everything global south: hints and notes of Kizomba, Dancehall, and reggaeton, plus extra exclusive cuts from the NAAFI crew, Santa Muerte, Rizzla, and more. She’ll be djing alongside Nina Sky & yours truly on May 14th for Remezcla’s monthly event, Perreo, at Webster Hall in Manhattan.

– Marco Gomez

Tove Agelii - Sister Mix # 1

Sister mix # 1 by Tove Agelli is a HAM all-female mix featuring some of the more creative globalized takes on Latino dance beats. The mix, hailing from the Swedish STAYCORE lady leadership, includes tracks and remixes by Elysia Crampton, KABLAM, mobile girl, Compton Chic and some by Tove Agelli herself. Femininity is sonified and it is complex. In the mix we navigate through dreamy melodies, epic vocals and recognizable beats, but also abrasive and harsh electronic noises that are fun and rhythmic in equal measure. If this is a glimpse of what a female takeover sounds like, then ladies please, let’s keep producing or spinning.

– Delia Beatriz

DJ TAO ft. PECO DJ - El Booty (OG BLACK Acapella Mix)

Argentinian producer DJ TAO delivers a great Cumbiaton remix of Boricua MC OG BLACK’s original “El Booty.” The track is a reflection of how cumbia villera, like many other strains of cumbia all over Latin America, has evolved into an aggressive fusion of cumbia shakes and reggaeton dembow snares that can heat up any Latin dance floor in an instant.

– Adrián Méndez

B. BRAVO - Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)

Cali producer B. Bravo released this G Funk-inspired piece “Nights” a little less than a month ago, and the track hasn’t stopped heating up its surroundings. The groove and melody of this 90s trademark sound piece, shows us B. Bravo is one to watch.

– Adrián Méndez

Uproot Andy - Barrioteca

Que Bajo?!’s Uproot Andy dropped a new EP on the eve of the crew’s RBMA takeover at Verboten with big names like DJ Playero, DJ Laz, Erick Rincon, and Happy Colors on the roster. “Barrioteca” has emerged as not only a party concept but also as the choice word to describe the residents’ all-genres-inclusive selections–a hype club reflection of the sounds of NYC’s diaspora communities. The lead track features some familiar vocals from Maicol y Manuel before dipping in and out of trap 2.0, juke, and dembow.

– Sara Skolnick

Chickin' Dómine - Schwarzgeist

A young label from Guadalajara called 90s punks just released this 4-track EP by local up-and-comer Chickin’ Domine. The 19 year-old producer explores dark, 80s post-punkish vibes that tangle subtle hints of hip-hop. There’s a pretty clever use of samples reminiscent of  Boards of Canada, making this EP go full circle in its 15 minute overall duration. Definitely worth the peep.

– Adrián Méndez

El Día - Nada (André VII remix)

André VII, one of Mexico City’s current kingpins of techno and dance music, released this remix of El Día’s “Nada,” one of his recruits over at their brand new Platino label. In his classic style of dance-forward, trance-inducing four to the floor, André takes the track in an aggressive and dynamic direction, with an upfront bumping bassline that pushes the track to the finish line without ever losing an ounce of strength.

– Adrián Méndez