This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Sultry Garage, Reggaeton Super Groups & More

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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Zorenlo - Future Fuego

Having to work in an open office space with high concentration of “asses” from all over Latin America is quite a task my friends. We have to resort to creative means to isolate ourselves from all the madness happening steps away from your desk.

My solution to this ever growing problem is to have my own Silent Disco at work. When is time to to get shit done, I put my headphones on to listen to tracks submitted by all of you (DJs, Producers, Bands, Songwriters reading this post). Today’s “Silent Disco” is brought to you by Chicago based producer/DJ Zorenlo and his latest release Future Fuego EP. The tracks come in Mild, Medium and Picante for the dancefloor. – Joel Moya

Phynx - Infinite Souls

Guadalajara’s youngster might be internet shy and quite the silent type, but whenever he hits that Record button, oh boy. I have yet to hear one sucky track from this guy. Hopefully, that wont ever happen. “Infinite Souls” is one hell of a sultry downtempo kinda-UK Garage-influenced track that totally flirts with virtuous harmonic synths and a beautiful melodies that fly around the entire songs like Tinker Bell sprinkling kief all over your vital space. – Eric Gamboa

Shadow Blow feat. El Mayor, Chencho, Plan B, De La Ghetto & Jory - Como Antes (DJ Lobo Remix)

Are old school “reggaetoneros” collaborating with the new wave of “dembowseros” to stay relevant in the underground? Or the other way around, “dembowseros” piggy back riding off well established “reggaetoneros” reach in order to gain exposure in new markets? While we figure this out listen to Shadow Blow’s collab with El Mayor Clasico, Chencho of Plan B, De La Ghetto and Jory in “Como Antes.” – Joel Moya

Marti Ann - Orange Spray

Ever since I started working at Remezcla, I rarely have to listen to whatever’s trending on them obnoxious gringo blogs. Especially nowadays, when we have Venezuela’s new electronic music scene. These guys are really out there, giving themselves to the music they produce, and trying to give their butt-fucked country something to be proud of. Thank god we have music. And Venezuelans. Like Ferraz who produced this lascivious future R&B gig (that would make Chashemere Cat giggle on any given day) for Elio & Nico, better known as Marti Ann. If you’re into JT, Inc., Miguel, Jeremih, Glitterface, The Weeknd or Julian Cruz, then you better give these guys a listen. – Eric Gamboa

Tecolote - Lechuza

Now this is quite a unique track you don’t hear every day. “Lechuza” starts off with a sample –possibly taken from an old pachuco boogie– that is slowly diluted into the background until there’s nothing left from the original sound and it becomes all resonators and crazy electronic music explorations, all guided by fine hip hop beats. Tecolotes is the new side-project of’s Frnz Frnz, a Michoacan producer who is currently living in DF and is just as good at playing FIFA, in case you were wondering. – Eric Gamboa

Ilias Asterion - La Fin Absolue Du Monde Pt 1 & 2

“La Fin Absolue Du Monde Pt 1” totally caught me off guard this week. First, because when I first heard it I was like where is THIS from?! So, here it goes: Turns out Ilias is a young fella living in Mexico City who just put out his Singularity EP via Onsella, a record label from Croatia specialized in techno, deep house, and experimental electronic music, like Asterion’s “La Fin Absolue Du Monde” first and second parts. Not your typical Soundcloud Select, but I just thought it was worth sharing, especially to those who dig Ghostly International and Planet Mu Records. – Eric Gamboa

Problem - Andale (feat. Lil Jon)

When you’re about to hit the treadmill incline after a long winter of couch-ing and Netflix-ing, it’s helpful to have your ears inundated with this aggressive/triumphant trumpet sample and someone named Problem screaming ANDALE ANDALE ANDALE ANDALE ANDALE. Which is why I humbly recommend this track for your work out playlist. Despite the tired, Lil Jon-abrasively-screaming parts, the song still goes – thanks mainly to production from Jahlil Beats, the man behind the summer’s biggest rap track “Hot N*gga.” – Andrea Gompf