This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Post-gender Futuristic Beats, Lo-Fi Tropical Dance & Experimental Juke

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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Kamixlo X Bladee - SHOW U

“SHOW U” is an electronic dance track by London producer Kamixlo in collaboration with Stockholm’s Bladee (a frequent Yung Lean collaborator). Kamixlo is part of the lucent bilingual UK music collective KRYSAOR, which consists of producers and vocalists whose sound and feel captures new angles and evolutions of the Latin diaspora. “SHOW U” is a low key yet expressive track, marked by an experimental futuristic beat that feels sensually post-gender. The vocals are processed much like the Nordic transhuman sounds of Gravity Boys, Bladee’s Swedish hip hop crew. The R&B feel of the bass drum and hyper-snare patterns is coupled with cooling synth melodies and sequenced lo-fi oscillator sounds. The lyrics run deep despite the chillness of the track’s overall feel. This is music for the mind to reconnect with the evolved body.

Delia Beatriz

Alfonso Luna- Mexica

Monterrey native 3Ball producer Alfonso Luna is one to drop tracks frequently in his signature pre-Hispanic strain of Guarachero-driven beats. This track “Mexica” is fresh out the box this week, and it’s kinda weird 3Ball-wise; it’s got an infusion of funk, hip-hop, and, as far as I can tell, a bit of UK Bass. Definitely worth the listen.

– Adrián Méndez

Malportado Kids - Basta Huedo

Malportado Kids released “Basta Huedo,” the second single from their upcoming EP Total Cultura via Dead Labour. In a time of apocalyptic anticipation and anxiety, this track comes in to call out the perpetuation of colonial capitalist bullshit – something much needed in our collective and pop consciousness. “Basta Huedo” leads the body to move (against inertia and irony), and the ensuing politicized collective release of energy reminds us of the cultural importance of dancing. Their bilingual poetic rage and rap agitates the senses, and ultimately rendering an uncomplicated, harsh beauty.

– Delia Beatriz

El Pote - Full de Flow

Dominican label Alofoke just released this single by El Pote, a member of their vast roster of local – and very talented – MCs and singers. “Full de Flow” is a pretty dynamic piece of menacing rap music, on which Pote’s complex delivery really matches its solid lyrics.

– Adrián Méndez

Sonido Berzerk - Unworthy EP

Our favorite Mexican Juke producer just released this 3 piece “Unworthy” EP through Isa GT’s Etoro Records this week, and the result is an exploration of 160 BPM rhythms, with strains of Grime, Latin percussion and dub music. These 3 tracks show us different aspects that make up Sonido Berzerk’s sonic universe, from calm but driving melodies in “Short Nites,” to the dry and grimy perc breaks and bleak audio samples of the title track “Unworthy,” and finishing with the deep, dubby and experimental juke vibes in “Wind Juke.”

– Adrián Méndez

UPP∑R - No Scrubs (remix)

UPP∑R is a young producer from Guadalajara leading the way for new label Da Future, which we’ve been eyeing lately. Fresh out the export folder comes this G-Funk era remix for TLC’s “No Scrubs.” The sound kit on this track is massive, with great melodic work and solid poppin’ percs. If you’ve never heard any of UPP∑R’s stuff before, this is definitely a good place to start.

– Adrián Méndez