6 Tinder Anthems and What They Say About Your Future Lover

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Yesterday morning, Spotify and Tinder announced a new partnership that means I’m about to be swiping left on some pendejos. Soon, users will have the option to link their Spotify accounts to Tinder, enabling potential matches to judge you on your online presence and curated tastes even further. Most notably, this Spotify integration includes a feature that lets users select a song (their “Tinder Anthem”) and link it to their profile, as seen in the promo video below:

With this news, we’ve decided to put together a list of “Anthems” and break down what your potential match’s song says about them. From activists to tropigoths, let this handy guide tell you who you should cuff this fall. –Isabelia Herrera, Music Editor

The Tropigoth

You’ll find The Tropigoth sporting all-black outfits year-round, but in the summer, they trade combat boots for palm-tree printed crop tops and onyx platform sandals. A club kid at heart, they have a soft spot for molly and industrial techno/early 2000s reggaeton.

The date: Shopping for thrifted Adidas track pants and going to a warehouse party.

La Buchona

You can hear their scandalous laughter and norteño accent miles away, probably at a cantina or any Mexican joint that sells Patrón and Buchanan’s. They dress in designer, but mostly in garments from previous seasons that they picked up at an outlet or street market. Major Chingo Bling, Tigres del Norte, and Julión Álvarez fan right here.

The date: If drinking and doing drugs while listening to loud regional Mexican instead of talking is your thing, then buchonxs are for you.

The Activist

The wokest of baes, The Activist can be found sporting indigenous textiles (ethically sourced from Latin American artisans, of course), quoting The New Jim Crow, and plotting to dismantle systems of oppression ranging from mass incarceration to theft of native land to the wage gap.

The date: Dinner at the vegan eden that is Cafe Gratitude, followed by a Las Cafeteras concert.

The Hypebestia

The Hypebestia just spent $500 on Saint Pablo Tour merch, so don’t expect them to take you anywhere cute for dinner. They’ve been planning to annotate all of Fuego’s lyrics on Genius, but keep getting too high to do it. Yeezy Boost 350 v2s a must. Bio reads “not a douche.”

The date: The massively long line for the Supreme x UNDERCOVER collab, followed by a Twitter DM slide.

The Bruja

The Bruja makes a natural version of Vicks Vapo Rub at home and is teaching herself Yoruba in her free time. She always knows when Mercury is in retrograde.

The date: Lunch followed by a tour of local botánicas.

El Gordito Metalero

El Gordito Metalero can be found drinking a Carta Blanca caguama, bumping old school Mägo De Oz LPs, pimpin’ his bike, and quoting Juice Ortiz from Sons of Anarchy.

The date: The mosh pit of some Transmetal toquín, then dinner at the taco spot.