After Cardi B confronted Nicki Minaj’s at a New York Fashion Week event last Friday, it was only a matter of time before Nicki broke her silence about the incident. On Monday, Nicki Minaj used her show, Queen Radio, to slam Cardi B for the fight that broke during Harper’s Bazaar Icons party at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Minaj covered a lot of ground about Cardi B in an unfiltered, two-hour discussion. She revealed she was “mortified” after the fight, saying “upper echelons” were judging them and defended herself against Cardi B’s claims that Minaj spoke negatively about her parenting skills and newborn daughter Kulture. “I would never discuss anyone’s child. For someone to pin that on me…[that’s] because I’m the bad guy, and they know people would believe them. I just want to let the world know that Onika Tanya Maraj will never has never speak ill of anyone’s child,” she said.

The Trinidad-born rapper also questioned Cardi B’s blackness, saying the Bronx-born rapper has called Black women “roaches” in the past. “You came into my fucking culture,” she told Cardi B.

With so much said, there’s no definitive conclusion to this drama. While Cardi B has remained silent about Nicki Minaj’s claims – only releasing a statement on Instagram after the fight on Friday – fans on both side have taken to Twitter to savor all the tea, defend Cardi B’s blackness, and even ask the two to just make up.

Here’s how Twitter is handling all the drama.


Some want them to just make up and make music together


Kelly Rowland thinks we have bigger issues


Others are imploring Beyoncé to step in


Some people want the album sales to speak for themselves


Some think Cardi B is just immature


Some are not amused by Nicni Minaj's claim that Cardi B calls black women "roaches"


Others are trying to understand why Cardi B is not considered Black