We Talked to Nicki Nicole About Her Biggest Collaborations Yet

Lead Photo: Photo by Zepe.
Photo by Zepe.
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One of the artists that showcases Argentina’s diverse talent the best is Nicki Nicole. What sets her apart from other artists is that she’s constantly pushing her artistic ability and delivering solid songs regardless of the genre. Late last year, the 22-year-old released her second album Parte de Mí, which brought us hits like “Sabe” featuring Rauw Alejandro and “Colocao.” Now, she’s finally back her first solo single, “Nobody Like Yo.” 

The new trap and salsa-infused single shows a deeper side of her. The song talks about how she overcomes her internal struggles that set limits on her work, and on how to combat any of those insecurities that come with it. “I wanted to talk a little bit about that. Tell my other self that there is no one like me. That the person who achieves their goals, their dreams, if they can project them, they can achieve them,” she tells Remezcla at the Sony offices in Culver City, CA. 

The music video shows her boxing against an opponent, who at one point is Nicki herself. This emphasizes the song’s message that the only person standing between you and your goals is yourself. “I think it is very important that our minds think positively, that we really feel capable,” Nicki adds. “We are the ones who limit ourselves to a lot of things, and dreams and goals can be achieved because we are capable of doing it but we don’t face it.”

Though this is her first solo release this year, she hasn’t exactly been MIA from the music scene. From pop to hip-hop/R&B, Nicki has been busy working with many artists of all statures within the Latin American and international music markets. However, like many artists in el movimiento, collaborating with others has always been a part of her career, and she has a roster of hits to vouch for her work. Whether it’s what she learned from other artists to working with stars she grew up listening to in Rosario, Santa Fe, Nicki Nicole broke down some of her most notable collaborations yet, sharing stories from the creative process and her takeaways.

On working with Mon Laferte

Nicki has been a Mon fan before they worked together. So for her to get Mon on the track was nothing less than a huge deal to her. Like many fans, this stemmed from finding the Chilean singer’s song lyrics relatable. “I became obsessed with everything she said. I said, ‘she’s talking about me.’ Like when you hear a song and it says exactly what you always wanted to hear, what you always wanted to say,” she explains. “And when I invited her to the song, I felt a lot of admiration for her, and it made me hesitate to invite her because she is an artist I admire so much and I didn’t know how to approach her over the song, I didn’t know if she would say yes.”

After a long time of doubting herself, Nicki finally sent Mon what became “Pensamos,” a song that was actually inspired by the Chilean chanteuse’s songs. “That’s why I felt she also had to be part of it,” Nicki adds. As for Nicki’s favorite Mon songs? Nicki says that she connects with the Chilean singer’s “Mi Buen Amor” and “Tu Falta de Querer” the most.

On working with Bizarrap

Bizarrap is one of the first artists Nicki worked with and one she collaborates with often. In fact, they’ve worked together so much that she’s lost count of how many tracks they’ve done. From the time spent together, Nicki has learned the importance of strategizing and having a plan. “Something I learned from him – without him telling me, just by knowing him – is that sometimes if you don’t plan things, they don’t work out the same way,” she notes. “When I met Biza, he had already planned what was going to happen this year, and the next. He had everything absolutely planned and I think that [is what I learned] too.”

“Sometimes [it’s about] being strategic, even if you already have a lot of talent. Another talent of his is to have so many strategies. For example, the marketing he does before every session, he has it very well thought out. He does it by himself, and it’s crazy!”

On working with Christina Aguilera

One of the most notable collaborations that put Nicki Nicole’s name at large was the song she hopped on with Christina Aguilera, Becky G, and Nathy Peluso — “Pa Mis Muchachas.” The women-empowering feature took the emerging star to the Latin Grammy award show stage to perform alongside the all-star ensemble in 2021. “First of all, total insanity. I mean, that really was, I don’t know, a Matrix lock,” Nicki says, referring to the fact that she grew up seeing Xtina on MTV. “And to be able to see her, to be able to talk to her… For her to tell me ‘Nicki, I love you, I want you to know that you sing with me.’ It was a pleasure to see how we women support each other.”

On working with Eladio Carrión

When talking about Eladio, Nicki points out that she’s always admired his music. As far as what she learned from working with him goes, she talks about learning that it’s okay to take your time to make songs. “What I noticed about him, which I actually like, is that he takes his time,” she says. “Working in music is not only making songs all the time. He goes into the studio, listens to the songs that he hasn’t listened to for a long time, and he leaves time for things.” She continues, “Sometimes you must give the music some time, respect it. When you are not inspired, and you don’t move forward, you shouldn’t force yourself. And I think I learned a lot from that. He wasn’t stressed out that some things didn’t work out, and he said, ‘Che, I’d rather try another day.’ And it’s perfect.”

On working with Los Ángeles Azules

The collaboration with the cumbia sonidero figureheads was a surprise to Nicki. It started off as a cumbia freestyle at a music camp she attended in Miami with colleagues like Bizarrap, Mora, and Lali. When this came together, she knew it had to come out. When her manager suggested that it should be with the Mexican group, Nicki thought it was impossible.

“For me, Los Ángeles Azules are — I don’t know. There’s the moon, and next to it is Los Ángeles Azules,” she says. “They were like legends. They don’t know it, but they are part of me, because, my family, we have always listened to them at parties.”

On what she’s working on next

At the moment, Nicki is still reeling from all the collaborations she’s been part of, mostly with artists she never imagined working with. She also mentions that she plans to focus on her solo music. “I feel like incredible things can happen if you want them to. Plus, you never know who on the other side is also listening to you,” she says. “I learn a lot from the others by collaborating with them. Beyond the musical aspect, personally, I learn a lot. At this moment, I’m more in a stage of releasing solo music, but I think that if there’s a dream collaboration on the other end, then I’d go for it.” 

When asked about her dream collaboration, she says it’s the American singer-songwriter Giveon. “He is an incredible artist. He really is one of those people that from the moment you start listening to him, you can’t stop.”