This Week’s Soundcloud Selects: Jerseyton, Gritty Tech-Mex, & Future Club

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

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Alien Alien - Myoosic (Los Mekanikos Remix)

Mexico City’s Electrique Musique label has just released a very strange EP by Italian techno duo Alien Alien titled MYOOSIC. This title track is quite a piece of work: almost 10 minutes in length, an instant classic in terms of instrument selection, and it’s dance floor ready. As if this weren’t enough, Alien Alien invited gritty tech Mex duo Los Mekanikos to redigest every sample in this track to come up with a slower and more confusing-in-a-good-way version that really does justice to the original work. – Adrián Méndez

El Alfa - El Mañanero

From the second I pressed play to the moment those pitched-up vocals made me go WHAA n-sync with that brass stab, I knew this one was gonna be a punch in the face. This shit’s for real, I insist, why bother and go crazy with boring dystopian club music when you have hot bangers like this one coming straight off the island? This production-–by some dude called Nico–-is 100% after hours material. Forget about the next day, just keep bangin’ – Eric Gamboa

Clave Music - Touchin Lovin (Tu Y Yo )

I love the girl versions of popular hip-hop and R&B songs, but I’m especially partial to the Spanish versions, too. Clave Music seems extremely new to the music game and his profile on the Internet is very low, but this mix of “Touchin, Lovin” en español got me feeling some type of way. It’s polished in a way that almost makes me kind of skeptical, but the verses go way beyond just a remake of the original track.

DJ Duro - Heartbroken (Duro's Jerseyton Bootleg)

Following up on that last track, here’s an even wilder idea behind Jerseyton that kind of spills over to certain details of moombahton and some crazy-ass EDM-style drops led by Miami native DJ Duro. – AM

Ferraz - Wavez EP

Manuel Ferraz is one of the leading artists coming from the Venezuelan underground at the moment, having worked with local heroes Cocobass Records, and French/British label Yunizon on the other side of the Atlantic. Ferraz is about ready to release his latest Wavez EP through Cocobass, a return to the alma mater in a way, and it sounds like a pretty solid piece of work coming from him, bringing a lot of new proposals to the table. It’s all straight-up funk and bass combined with some spacey and detailed synth lines, perhaps taking some tips from Russia’s hyperbolic records and producers, like Pixelord or 813. – AM

Top Cats - ₮ØⱣ Ͼ∆₮Ϩ VØⱢ. 33 ٩(ↀДↀ)۶

The cyphers were born inspired by Team Supreme as a means to keep our Cats active, practicing and having a closer connection to our fans that produce as well. A set sample(s) is chosen to be used in any way, shape or form you want to, alongside a set BPM to create a one-minute beat in the span of usually four-to-five days. We’ve tackled several themes along the way, like game soundtracks or classical jazz, but for out last cypher (Vol.33) we decided to use cliché sounds from hip-hop/beats music and create a rather fun take on those samples, our first “troll cypher” if you will. Don’t take this last one seriously; it’s meant to leave a smile on your face. – Raido

Nadastrom - House Shoes (Ft. Nina K)

I’m quite surprised (in a very good way) by this track. As opposed to what most are getting into just now, moombahton originator Dave Nada is driving himself away from dembow and raunchy four-to-the-floor music along with colleague Matt Nordstrom in Nadastrom’s latest release that features Swedish muse Nina K. on the vocal tip. More than house, it sounds to me like their take on pop music is something that can be heard on Dave’s personal production as of late, and it’s probably going to keep evolving in that direction further down the line. – AM

Trey Songz - Na Na (DJ Knockout's Jerseyton Remix)

In a world where the urban beats of the world get fused for the sake of seeing what the hell happens, it’s obvious that something like Jerseyton was bound to pop up at some point, and this edit of Trey Songz’s famous “Na Na” is a perfect example of that. I’ve seen a handful of tracks toying with this idea since last year, and judging from reggaeton’s second wind in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, I’m sure we’ll see more of this type of dembow-infused club music in the months to come. – AM