Welcome to Latin Jersey Club: Bounce To These 5 Fundamental Tracks

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Soundcloud fanatics and DJs around the world have been catching on to the Jersey Club sound for quite some time now. For those that aren’t familiar, Jersey Club music is a regional style of dance music from the urban centers of the namesake state, and is one of the latest sounds to emerge from the east coast, sharing a familial bond with other local genres such as Philly Club and Baltimore (a.k.a. Bmore).

The style can be best described as sampling the latest in hip hop, R&B, and pop, and chopping up the hooks and vocals into a bouncy, quick breakbeat pattern– a sound that’s been proliferated by artists like DJ Sliink, Uniiqu3, and their crew, the Brick Bandits. As the style has gained traction, clubs around the world have been booking Jersey Club DJs, bringing the sound to wreck dance floors near and far.

Jersey Club producers are known for whipping out their own versions of the latest hits the moment they’re released– if you heard it on the radio, chances are there’s a Jersey version of it online. But the sound is not limited to just mainstream Top 40– a new group of producers from New Jersey are cutting up bachata, reggaeton, salsa, dembow, and other urban styles, taking the style to a specifically Latin-focused place. Check out our roundup of the names pushing the style forward here.


DJ 809 – “Odio”

Romeo Santos’ track with Drake gets its own Jersey fix by DJ 809, whose music has been played by big name DJs and clubs all over the east coast.


DJ Cueheat – “No Te Veo”

The reggaeton jam “No Te Veo” by Jowell y Randy gets the Jersey club treatment by DJ Cueheat. Of all the producers in this roundup, DJ Cueheat is the most prolific, and is definitely a name to watch in 2015.


DJ T Marq – “Tra/If You’re Puerto Rican”

¡Wepa! If you’re not getting your life from this song, you might be dead. This is one of the most impressive songs on this roundup– DJ T Marq cuts up N.O.R.E and Don Chezina for a full minute of Puerto Rican club madness. We only wish this was much longer because it bangs so hard.


DJ T Marq x DJ 809 – “Stand By Me”

Jersey Club DJ crews are known to collaborate with each other a lot, and these guys are no different. T Marq & 809 take on Prince Royce’s “Stand By Me,“ transforming the Prince of Bachata’s crooning remake into a fresh club jam.


DJ Cueheat feat. DJ Niyah – “DJ Niyah Anthem”

This isn’t just a boys club: girls are contributing to the growing scene as well. DJ Niyah contributes the vocals to her anthem track, produced by DJ Cueheat. We’re excited to see her DJ and throw down her own original tracks!