From Glassware to Snacks, These Latine-Owned Businesses Offer Everything Cannabis for 4/20

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Whether it’s 4/20 or not, cannabis use is becoming something no longer just stereotyped as something used by hippies, criminals, or counter-culturists of the world. Instead, cannabis is becoming a staple in many homes and businesses as states and countries move to legalize it for recreational use. And Latine-owned businesses are capitalizing on this movement and creating their own space within the industry. 

And as the industry grows, there is more happening than just people growing and selling cannabis in its many forms. There are whole companies and sectors that focus on edibles, snacks, glassware, accessories, and even clinical uses of one of the most recognizable and beloved plants on the planet. With these Latine companies taking the reins, we’re also seeing a plant historically used as an excuse to jail our populations, transforming into an empowering way to support small businesses, women, and other creators.

To support those businesses, we’ve scoured social media and the internet to find five incredible Latine-owned companies that are giving us everything we could ask for in the growing cannabis industry. If you need glassware, catered edibles, or prerolls, this list will have something for you!


MOTA Glass

The Los Angeles-based company was created in November 2020 to offer high-quality, locally-made functional glass for your personal use. The company is Latina and veteran-owned, so supporting MOTA Glass supports our community in a two-tiered way. Susie Plascencia, an entrepreneur, journalist, and cannabis activist, uses her love of storytelling to make an impact in the cannabis industry. Bobby Lady, a veteran, and entrepreneur born to Honduran parents, brought his knowledge to create a glass company that is honest and accountable.


Magic Hour Cannabis

Magic Hour Cannabis proudly boasts that they are one of the few minority and women-owned cannabis companies in the country. Co-owners and growers Adriana Ruiz Carlile and Will Perry have been in the industry for more than five years in California and Oregon. The Portland-based company is working to change the perception of “cannabis consumers as lazy and unproductive” and distributes pre-rolls and flower cultivars bags.


Pure Beauty

Rooted in the mission of creating a sustainable and equitable business plan, Pure Beauty has set itself apart from the rest of the cannabis industry by infusing their sustainability mission into farming, cultivating, and packaging. Co-Founder and CEO Imelda Walavalkar studied social justice and learned about the systemic issues facing people of color and formerly incarcerated people from joining the cannabis industry. And her company markets menthol cannabis cigarettes and sustainable packaging made of plant starch.


Flame Princess Confections

Not all companies need to have a big plan to change societal norms or change a process. Sometimes you can just create to make life fun and more enjoyable. With Flame Princess Confections, you can eat cookies, peanut butter, gummies, and more that will take you to another dimension but are also Instagram-worthy. Owner Jeni Cohen is definitely making these treats just the way we need them aka in a fun manner that normalizes cannabis products across the board.


Xula Herbs

This one is for the people out there who need a little extra something when dealing with their menstrual cycles and pains. Founded by Karina Primelles and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, Xula Herbs is a women-led and family-owned hemp farm bringing people who have periods a chance to experience plant-based medicine to help with their cycles. So whether you’re looking for some pre-rolls or something to take the edge of your period, this is the place to go.