10 Boxing Experts Weigh In on the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight

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Since the beginning of the year, speculation has run rampant about who would face-off against Floyd Mayweather on Cinco de Mayo. For Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, the subject is especially touchy – ever since Floyd rechristened the date “Cinco de Mayweather,” we’ve been on a mission to take our holiday back. (Not that we really celebrate it, but that is neither here nor there).

And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now that Mayweather is set to go up against our Filiprimo Manny Pacquiao, an epic match-up five years in the making. Obviously everyone has been going bonkers with the buildup and anticipation, and we’re definitely no exception. We’ve been reading every blog, newspaper and watching as much coverage of the fight as possible to get the inside scoop on the mega event.

Will Pacquiao give Floyd his first loss and give us our 5 de Mayo back ? Or will 5 de Mayweather be cemented for ever ?

With fewer than 10 days to go until the first bell, here’s a little recap of what expert fighters – some of whom have been in the ring against Floyd and Manny – have said about the fight.

Oscar de la Hoya

10 World titles in 6 different categories, lost to Mayweather by close decision and lost to Pacquiao by late KO.

“It depends on which Manny Pacquiao shows up, and on which Mayweather shows up. Mayweather can’t KO Pacquiao, but Pacquiao can KO Mayweather. So in my opinion, Mayweather may run when he feels Pacquiao’s first right hook. Mayweather has the experience to outbox Pacquiao and make it a boring fight and win via unanimous decision. If Mayweather exchanges with Pacquiao, and Manny has the legs to endure 12 rounds, throwing lots of punches and combinations it could be a very close and entertaining fight.” Source: ESNEWS.

Erik "El Terrible" Morales

Five time World Champion, won a decision vs Pacquiao but lost the two rematches.

“Manny Pacquiao is faster and has the stronger legs. I don’t think Floyd wants to fight toe to toe.” Source: SecondsOut.

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

Mexican Boxing Legend, Six time World Champion in three categories.

“My heart says Pacquiao, but if I had to put money down I would bet on Floyd. Pacquiao is hungry and really anxious to beat Floyd. I see this as a difficult fight for Floyd if Manny comes out with an aggressive style and that killer instinct he showed in the peak of his career.” Source: Boxing Tribune News

Juan Manuel Marquez

Four Division World Champion. KO’d, Tied, Lost twice to Pacquiao, and Lost a Decision to Mayweather.

“Pacquiao needs a knock out to win. In Las Vegas judges always favor Mayweather. Regularly when Pacquiao is aggressive he jumps in without waiting for a counter and this is something he needs to change, because Mayweather is a great counter-puncher and knows how he can hurt Pacquiao. What can damage Pacquiao is Mayweather’s defense and counter-punching. But Pacquiao is dangerous also because of his speed and power. Because of Floyd’s style I pick him to win by decision.” Source: ESPN Deportes

Mike Tyson

Heavy Weight Boxing Legend.

“Floyd hasn’t been tested yet. Whatever happens in this fight I really think Floyd will be hit more than ever, there we will see how strong he is. Its necessary for Manny to put pressure on Floyd, for him to be in front of him all the time, moving side to side using angles. Manny will faint to push Floyd out of his comfort zone and make him throw more than he’s used to which will open up Floyd.” Source: Boxing Scene.

Miguel Cotto

Current Middle weight World Champion. Lost Decision to Mayweather and lost by KO to Pacquiao.

“After working with Freddie Roach, I think he is going to be huge in the fight. I’m going for Manny. I think the explosiveness and quickness of Manny is going to have a big impact on Floyd’s performance. The explosiveness will be an advantage, he can move from point to point in less than a second.”  Source: GMA Network.

Nacho Beristáin

Legendary Mexican Hall of Fame trainer who trained Juan Manuel Marquez and more than 25 World Champions.

“I believe that Pacquiao has 45% chance to win; Mayweather is the favorite but by very little. I always liked Pacquiao more for his commercial style of fighting, which people pay [to see] with pleasure, and Mayweather has a defensive style that is kind of weird. Pacquiao has many things in his favor – the speed, and being a smart fighter. Even though people think otherwise, he knows when to shoot his combinations.” Source: Boxing News via ESPN Deportes.

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez

Rising Mexican super star, former World Champion. Lost a split-decision to Mayweather.

“Floyd is very smart. He can make things frustrating or he can make a spectacular fight. He does not expose anything. In the past, he’s thrown very few shots and makes things difficult. If he exposes himself just a little bit more, we can get an enjoyable fight.” Source: Boxing News 24 via Fox Deportes.

Robert Garcia

Former World Champion and trainer of Marcos Maidana, Antonio Margarito, Nonito Donaire, among many others.

“I think, just like Maidana did the first time, put all that pressure. Stay on him, don’t give him any time to breathe, that’s the only way, we were close, we almost pulled it off. That’s the only way, what else ? Or somebody smarter than him, but there’s nobody out there smarter than him right now. Manny has the style because he throws a lot of punches. He’s going to throw hundreds of punches compared to Mayweather’s one or two here and there. I think Manny being aggressive, throwing a lot of punches, he could do it.” Source Boxing News 24 via

Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez

Former Middle Weight World Champion.

“This was never too much of a fight to me because Mayweather is in a league of his own. Floyd Mayweather can have Manny for breakfast, lunch or anything. Pacquiao is still a long way from being ready for Mayweather.” Source: