4 Great Signature Moves From Latino Soccer History

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Whether they invented it or just mastered it, some soccer players will forever be linked with an awesome signature move. Everyone has their favorites, but below are four of our favorite moves from Latino soccer players.


Cuauhtémoc Blanco's La Cuauhteminha

Cuauhtémoc Blanco may not have ever been the quickest or strongest player, but he was a great attacker who used his creativity to score and create goals for Mexico and his various club teams. That’s on display in his signature move, which is so simple even the least technical of us could pull it off. The ability to pull it off effectively in the heat of a game, at the World Cup against Italy no less, is incredibly impressive. El Cuau no longer plays, but the FIFA video game series has kept his move alive.


Carlo Coslty's La Costlynha

Carlo Costly’s a good goalscorer, especially when it came time to play Mexico. His dribbling may have needed a lot of work, but his go-to move worked for him for years. It seemed as though defenders never saw it coming, even as he used it over and over. It’s funny that the move also worked on Mexico, because that’s where he picked it up.


Ronaldinho's Elastico

Although Messi and Ronaldo will go down as the best soccer players of this era, no one brings as much joy and magic to the game as Ronaldinho. At his peak, he was a menace who always pulled tricks out of his bag. He’s most well known for the Elastico – or flip flap if you want to use its more boring name.


Kerlon's Seal Dribble

Finally, the move most likely to get you maimed out on these streets. At one point, Kerlon built up a huge wave of hype based mostly on video clips of him dribbling the ball on his head. The move often drew the ire of defenders and led to brutal fouls. Unfortunately, he never really developed after moving to Europe, in large part due to injuries.