5 Baseball Walk-Up Songs That Are Too Hype

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Maybe it’s to make up for the sometimes slow-moving and long game of baseball, but walk-up music has become an important part of the game. The audience often associates songs with certain players, and for the peloteros, it’s a chance to show off their personality. Baseball players across the U.S. are getting hyped up by listening to Jay Z, Drake, and other popular artists. There’s also a pretty solid showing for country music.

Then, there’s these five songs:


"El Mariachi Loco" by Mariachi Vargas

Usually, you only hear this song at weddings – it’s like the Mexican Electric Slide. But Los Angeles Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez has now made it his own, walking out to this on the regular.


"Latinos in Paris" by Sensato and Pitbull

Alexi Ogando of the Red Sox is just trolling people with this song. You know everyone else is expecting Jay Z’s and Kanye’s voices to come blaring from the speakers, but instead, they get Pitbull and Sensato.


"Voy A Beber" by Nicky Jam

Alexi’s teammate, Pablo Sandoval, picked this Nicky Jam song for his walk out. Not exactly family friendly, but how can you be mad when you’re body-rolling?


"Tarzan" by El Alfa

The Marlins’ Marcelo Ozuna gave the audio engineer a challenge with this one.


"Llegan los Montro Man" by Mozart La Para and Shelow Shaq

Hansel Robles of the Mets picked this banger. If this doesn’t get you hyped up nothing will.