5 Costa Rican Skate, Surf & BMX Brands You Should Know

Lead Photo: Photo via Kymar Socks
Photo via Kymar Socks
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Throughout the history of extreme sports, whenever the level of local athletes goes up, the alternative culture built around them starts booming. Just a few decades back, the idea of Costa Rican skate, surf, and BMX brands that were made and produced within Costa Rica’s borders sounded utopian.

Now, the reach of new technologies, international connections, and an entrepreneurial vision in the alternative sports “lifestyle” market have all allowed for the Costa Rican market to produce the highest level product. Check out five brands you should know.

This post was originally published on Tuanix Mag and has been translated to English.



A youthful and urban brand, design has been Revival’s calling card. The company’s young founder Jorge “Botom” Mata came to the scene with the intention of creating an international aesthetic with a Tico touch, and it’s been a huge success in the local skate and music niche.


Gallo Pinto

As its name suggests, Gallo Pinto brings a Costa Rican spirit deeply rooted in Tico culture. GPTV started out as a production company and has evolved to include a clothing line known for their characteristic hats, shirts, and board shorts.


Nasional Skateboards

A skate brand that was born on the streets, Nasional has grown exponentially and today produces documentaries, concerts, and skate festivals, and is one of the most beloved brands in the country.



A new project from the “controversial” but hard-skating pro Alonso Garro, K•CHE•TE hasn’t been on the market very long but it’s become a solid option with high quality merchandise.



Kymar Socks is the new initiative from Costa Rican pro-BMX rider Kenneth Tencio Pollis, who together with his girlfriend and pro-surfer Marcela García has taken on this new adventure. Since their recent launch the duo reports it’s going over very well. Their socks come in a variety of colors and designs for skaters, surfers, and bikers.

As we’ve seen, Costa Rica is producing its own alternative brands, many of which come from the very same athletes who are practicing these extreme sports.