5 Reasons Miguel Cotto Will Crush Canelo Álvarez

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The Cotto-Canelo matchup on November 21 is just around the corner, and it’s got boxing fans buzzing all over. The age difference, the Puerto Rico-Mexico rivalry, the popularity of both fighters, and what victory and defeat will mean for their careers has fans anxious to see the two warriors in the ring. There will be plenty of people tuning in to watch the madness unfold.

So who will win, Canelo or Cotto? It’s hard to predict, but here are five reasons Cotto will be victorious on Saturday. On the other hand, if you’re a Canelo stan, check out our rebuttal over here.



Being 10 years older than Canelo isn’t the only thing gives Cotto the edge, but it sure helps. It’s also about having 44 fights under his belt, a long and experienced career that now spans more than 14 years. Even the four losses in those 44 fights will surely give Cotto a bit of extra in-the-ring knowledge that could make a difference against the young Canelo, who might have fought just as many matches, but against far weaker opponents. Honestly, Canelo has been in the business for a much shorter period of time. Experience is what makes Cotto confidently declare that “it’s just one more fight.”


Freddie Roach

In the fight against Canelo, Cotto will enjoy the wisdom of Freddie Roach in his corner for the fourth time. The last three were easy wins after the loss to Mayweather. Freddie Roach’s career is mythical, since he’s trained huge stars like Manny Pacquiao and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. Some credit him with resurrecting Cotto’s career. No wonder the Puerto Rican has said his “ biggest advantage is Freddie Roach, who has put me back on track and has made me do things I never did before.” He has stated that Roach will design the strategy he will later implement in the ring. “The only way you can win a fight like this is working hard,” Cotto said to the media recently. “That’s what we can do here. Just working on anything Freddie wants me to do. That’s what I do. Every day.”


Movement and Footwork

If Cotto has been somewhat reticent to talk to the media about his plans for the fight, Roach has sure been willing to do it. He said that Cotto’s main strategy is to hit and run, just like Mayweather did when he beat Canelo. Roach has been quoted saying, “I doubt that Canelo will be able to do anything to keep Cotto from boxing and moving the entire fight, because when you have slow feet like Canelo, it’s impossible to speed those slow feet up.”


Boxing Skills

Cotto plans to compensate the size difference with his superior boxing skills. It’s clear that he can control distance better than Canelo, something that he will try to use as an advantage against the Mexican fighter, who some call flat-footed and unable to fight on his back foot.



Most people seem to think that Cotto has no power at all. He might have less than Canelo, but definitely more than what’s commonly acknowledged. And he’s a far better counter-puncher. So he might use this technical edge, particularly in later rounds, to surprise Canelo in his own territory.