Carlos Beltrán Cured His Baldness With a Magic Marker, and No One Knows Why

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Baseball dugouts are bizarre places. With a long, slow-moving game going on in the background, peloteros have to find a way to pass the time. So maybe it’s not totally surprising that in the dugout – as the Texas Ranger faced off against the Houston Astros – Carlos Beltrán was basically cosplaying as a Lego character. The usually bald Puerto Rican’s outfielder suddenly appeared to have a full head of jet black hair that most definitely looked like it had been drawn on with a Magic Marker.

Since his hair made its debut on Sunday, people have compared Beltran to spray-on hair advocates Carlos Boozer and Ray Lewis. So far, he hasn’t commented on the hilarious hair style. But some theorize he did it to poke fun at another player. Baseball analyst Jim Duquette said Beltrán is doing it for the lulz.

Truthfully, his motives don’t matter, because the end result is still enjoyable and still gave Twitter plenty to talk about. Check out some of the best reactions below: