5 Latina Fitness Influencers To Follow Now

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In a world dominated by fitness fads and impossible beauty standards, a new wave of Latina fitness influencers are redefining wellness on their own terms. These women exude an unapologetic “I can f-ing do it” mentality, shattering stereotypes and championing inclusivity in health and fitness. Their influence reaches beyond conventional workout routines as they weave personal narratives, cultural pride, and a genuine desire to uplift others online and IRL.

Representation matters, and these five remarkable Latina fitness influencers are changing the landscape one motivational post at a time. Carmen Carrera is championing for more diversity in fitness as a transgender woman. Alexandra Otero remains committed to her dreams as a fitness instructor even after her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2021. Yesenia D. Ruiz Torres wants to bring fitness to all — no matter their background or financial status, especially when the access isn’t there. Each of their unique perspectives create a community that thrives on mission-driven work, authenticity, and knowledge.

From fostering body positivity to fighting for more accessibility, these women embody the new wave of fitness influencing. We spoke to each of these Latinas to delve into their stories and learn what they hope to see from this industry. Read more from them, below.


Elady Cruz

Fitness Instructor, Cycle Instructor, Personal Trainer

“From a young age, I’ve always wanted to work in fitness but found myself intimidated since it was a more male-dominated industry. It wasn’t until 2010 that I decided to change my career trajectory and said to myself, ‘I CAN DO IT.’ I quickly started working on myself, diving deep into my personal fitness journey. I lost 80 lbs on my own. Achieving that goal motivated me to get certified as a personal trainer through NASM and [the facility] Mad Dogg as a spin instructor. Not letting in my insecurities and self-doubt was a huge factor in my fitness journey. Looking to the future, I would love to see more fitness brands collaborate with women of color and talk more about body positivity.”


Gabriela Rivera (Gabs)

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Engineer (Focus: Science-Based Workouts & Recipes)

“I graduated in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. As a student, I got the opportunity to intern at big companies such as Puma Energy, Johnson & Johnson, and AMGEN. Also, during my years as a student in engineering, I was studying to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach. When I graduated, I was offered a position in AMGEN, which was my dream at that moment in time, and after two years, I quit to pursue my own business in fitness.

Going back to when I around 12 years old, I had a horrible image of myself and my body. As I got older, I decided to make a change for myself. What started as jogging around my neighborhood and swimming in our family pool slowly became an interest in nutrition and other fitness activities such as HIIT, strength training, and CrossFit.

I learned about human anatomy, nutrition, and what works best for my body. In the fitness industry, I would like to see more education-backed individuals providing science-based information about fitness to their communities. Nowadays, with social media, people think that the information provided by a person with a great physique will work for them or label it as ‘correct.’ This industry has been highly monetized at the expense of people’s health. I urge people to study daily and provide others with quality information that will actually help improve their lives.”


Carmen Carrera

Fitness Enthusiast

“I was born and raised in Elmwood Park, NJ, and I now live in Miami, FL, by way of Los Ángeles, CA, where I spent four years working on my acting career. I was modeling with Elite Model Management, where I constantly sought refuge and utilized fitness to reduce my weight/size to fit the runway model mold. After a few years of being unhappy trying to fit my body into that mold, I chose to focus and channel my energy on yoga and flexibility — and going vegan for a few years — leading me to develop healthier habits.

My goal as a trans woman is to create positive and safe spaces for others in my community to picture what a healthy trans woman can look like — without the limitations set by society for women. I am redefining what a strong trans woman can be. Most trans women, and many women in general, fear becoming more masculine by lifting weights or becoming more muscular. I could not disagree more.

I hope my experiences and path motivate others in the fitness industry to be more diverse and inclusive. I work really hard for what I have and will continue to build aesthetically; it takes me double the time to develop muscles than a cis woman. I deserve to feel safe in the gym setting and amongst all women.”


Alexandra Otero

Fitness Trainer

“Always looking to leave my comfort zone, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. After college, I worked at Coca-Cola, Glovo, and Gopanza. While working in the corporate world, I decided to teach fitness as a side hobby and obtain a certification as a Group Fitness Instructor through NASM.

This past year, I received my master’s degree in Sports Management at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. When I started working in the corporate world, I felt unsatisfied and struggled with my mental health due to wanting more out of my “professional world.” Exercising always helped me ease that anxiety. I was so consistent, not because I wanted to change my appearance, but because it helped me release and manage my stress. It became such an important part of my routine that I wanted to take that passion to another level. My fitness focus has always been to exercise for my mental and physical health. That focus has never shifted, especially since my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2021. It has become my most important medicine.

My hope for the fitness industry is that consumers and providers alike always find something they actually enjoy doing. This [mindset] is the key to becoming consistent. Go out of your way and explore alternatives until you see what brings you the most energy and joy.”


Yesenia D. Ruiz Torres

Athlete, Pro Wrestler, Holistic Coach

“I graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and will soon start my master’s in human sexuality. I am currently a Vinyasa yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, and a facilitator of women’s circles. I took my YTT (yoga teacher training) in Ecuador in 2019, and since then, I have dedicated myself to teaching and making these practices known to the people who live in Puerto Rico.

In my adolescence, I suffered from bulimia, and for many years I have struggled with body dysmorphia. Fitness allowed me to make peace with my image and thus enjoy my process. I have learned to know and connect with my body, mind, and spirit through different sports. 

My main sport has always been martial arts. I practiced Karate for ten years. When I went to college, I began to compete in the Intercollegiate Athletic League (aka LAI) with the Taekwondo League in Puerto Rico. I have also explored point fighting, judo and currently practice wrestling. My athletic career didn’t stop there. In 2020 I entered the ‘Guerreros PR”‘television program (our version of American Ninja Warrior), a program that is also broadcasted in Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. I am currently part of the “Guerreros PR – Nueva Generación” season, going by the name of ‘La Yogi.’

My dream is to see the fitness industry become more accurate, with everyday bodies emphasizing health and not aesthetics. I also want fitness to be more accessible to all kinds of communities. Physical and mental health is everyone’s right and should not only be accessible to those who can pay for it. As an instructor, I have always committed to creating safe and accessible spaces for everyone. I want more fitness professionals to see and care about low-income communities.”