Argentina qualified to the round of 16th with a thrilling, last minute win over Nigeria. But the main attraction wasn’t on the field. It was in the stands. It was the Diego Maradona show, and what a show it was. It had more ups and downs than the actual game.

Maradona’s antics were so extra, that “El Diego” trended all through the game on Twitter, spawning memes and jokes galore.

One thing is for sure: there isn’t a boring game when Maradona is in the house.

First, he unfurled a banner with his own face on it

Then, he gave his blessing

Next, he invited a Nigerian fan to dance

When Messi scored the first goal, he entered a trance and traveled to another dimension

And then he took a nap. Btw the first half hadn't even ended by this point.

Then, he managed to wake up for Argentina's winning goal, which he celebrated with a double bird on live TV