These Photos of Messi vs the World Prove He is Basically Superhuman

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Have you ever wished that you could see an incredible sequence of Messi vs. the world photos? We’re talking Messi going up against what seem like truly impossible numbers of defenders and still coming out alive (and with the ball at his feet.)

Well, your wish is Mundo Deportivo‘s (and subsequently our) command. We couldn’t let this photo gallery slip by without highlighting how outrageous these images are. Check for yourself below:

Messi boxed in by Athletic Bilbao boys.

Messi vs. one, two, three, four, FIVE Numancia players.

Messi bossing it vs. five Benfica defenders on the edge of the box.

Messi looking composed AF vs. a million Sevilla stars.

Magisterial Messi vs. Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou.

This against Valencia.

Mourinho’s Real Madrid vs. the magician himself.

Get as close as you want, Getafe. It’s futile.

Tackles that bring the player who preaches “don’t go down” to his feet.

If Atletico de Madrid can’t get it done, there’s little hope for any other team.