These Hilarious Memes Imagine a World Where Piojo Is England’s Coach

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Now that Roy Hogson has quit, England is looking for a new manager for its football team. And some people are VERY here for Miguel Herrera leading the team. Based on the quality of the soccer on display against Iceland (except for Marcus Rashford) at the Euro 2016, at least we can definitely say that Piojo would make England more fun to watch. England has only had two foreign managers in Sven-Göran Eriksson (who El Tri fans won’t remember fondly) and Fabio Capello, so the likelihood of Piojo getting this position is a long shot.

And there’s also the fact that El Piojo shut down rumors swiftly. “These things all of sudden appear on social media and they seem real,” he said, according to Juan Futbol. “People have already said things about the United States’ men’s selection, and the only team that approached me is Chile. For Paraguay a promoter spoke with me, but no one official from the team. And this supposed England offer is something that someone made up and it became viral on social media.”

So we won’t see El Piojo go super saiyan for England, but here’s what it’d look like if it somehow became reality: