These Jokes About Real Madrid’s El Clásico Victory Had Us Dying

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Real Madrid took El Clásico last Saturday, but Cristiano Ronaldo emerged as the game’s biggest winner after he scored a definitive goal against Barcelona that had fans losing their minds.

It was a great night for CR7, who silenced the many critics who’ve been claiming he disappears at critical moments during important games. Ronaldo’s winning goal in the last minutes of the match was even more impressive, arriving just when everything seemed lost for Madrid (after Sergio Ramos’ red card, when the game was still tied.)

But despite Cristiano’s goal, a crushing defeat for Barcelona in their own home Camp Nou, and the end of Barça’s impressive undefeated run of 40-something games, the Real Madrid victory was still no big thing. After all, Los Galácticos are still 7 points behind Barça, and not likely to catch up in the race for La Liga championship.

Nonetheless, it was a crazy match up, and as it can be expected, there was plenty of internet hilarity in the aftermath. Here are some of our favorite El Clásico memes from the weekend:

This is what happened after the game.

The biggest winner.

In the looker room

On Zidane's Graduation As Coach

Looking for Barcelona Fans.