Reasons to Love Matias Vuoso, Mexico’s Unlikely Copa América Hero

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Last night, Mexico’s B team surprised the continent by tying against star-filled host team Chile during the 2nd game the first round of the 2015 Copa America. Mexico opened the score with a goal by Argentine-Mexican Matias Vuoso. When Chile came back and was winning –and controlling –the game at 3-2, the Vuoso Polar appeared again and scored the surprising tie, becoming the first player ever in Copa América history to score two goals against a host team.

Because we all like to jump on the victory bandwagon once in a while, and would like to claim we always believed in Matias Vuoso, we present you some of the reasons why you all should love –or at least like – Matias Vuoso.

For getting Mexico to the World Cup

If you enjoyed any of Mexico’s games during the 2010 World Cup, especially that 2-0 victory over France, it was all thanks to Matias Vuoso. During the third round of the CONCACAF qualifier, Mexico was once again struggling deeply against its regions rivals. In one the final games of the round, Mexico was trailing 2-1 against Canada, when Vuoso scored his first goal for el TRI coming in as a second half sub. The goal which led to the tie and 1 point, proved essential as Mexico advanced to the final round ahead of Jamaica only on goal difference.

For mastering the Mexican style

Vuoso may be Argentine by birth (he’s a naturalized Mexican citizen) but he’s really become a typical Mexican player:

  1. After showing promise on his local team, he went to Europe where he was unable to make a mark, so he moved to the more comfortable Mexican league.
  2. Like many players, he did great things on a Provincia Mexican team and made a move to Mexico’s giant and richest team, América –twice.
  3. No longer at the top of his game but still displaying talent, he began jumping to other smaller teams. After passing through Atlas and Chiapas, he is currently unattached and will most surely be joining his 5th Mexican team at the start of next season.

For his two goals against Chile

Vuoso’s two goals against host team Chile made him one of the most popular people on Twitter. Vuoso, whose career seemed to be going downhill, is now in the Mexican spotlight.

For el Baile del Vuoso Polar

Matias Vuoso does this great dance after scoring a goal. Dancing to the imaginary music of El Oso Polar, Vuoso’s cheerful celebration brings happiness to his fans. If you were watching closely the other night, he performed it after scoring the 1-0 goal.