Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia: Everything that Went Down in the UFC Embedded Vids

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Mixed martial arts champion Ronda Rousey and challenger Bethe Correia are going to throw down this weekend. But before we see if this is another first-round victory for Rousey, we have UFC 190 Embedded videos to show how the two women train, eat, and most importantly, give us a glimpse into who they are.

Here’s everything important that has happened in the four episodes that have been released so far:


This was definitely Bethe’s video. She had the home-field advantage, so we actually got to see what a regular training session looks like for her in Natal, Brazil. She gets her hair and nails done, though she says that they’ll be ruined soon, before hitting the gym to lift weights.

Ronda did have one great moment where she talked about loving the people of Brazil, even when they boo her. And that’s exactly what’s coming for her this weekend.


Rhonda started talking about finding it hard to be a role model, which led her into talking about people thinking her body was not feminine. “I have this one term for the kind of woman my mother raised me to not be, and I call it a do-nothing bitch,” she said, adding that every one of her muscles was a result of her hard work, making her body “femininely badass as fuck.”

Bethe, on the other hand, talked about how she handles having the man in her life being both her boyfriend and her trainer.


This was a great episode for Ronda, though really, it was because of her mom. Ronda called Bethe her biggest challenge, someone with no gaps in her game. Even Ronda’s top knot-accommodating hoodie was no match for her mom, AnnMaria De Mars. AnnMaria, a decorated judoka in her own right, adorably put Ronda in a hip throw. Bethe arrived in Rio de Janeiro and was treated like a queen.


Bethe was feeling herself in this video, saying that there’s no way she can let someone come into her backyard and beat her. But Ronda impressively didn’t flinch when Bethe was right up in her face, trying to intimidate her.