The 11 Best 90s Mullets of Mexican Soccer

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Was there ever a period of time more “business in the front, party in the back” than the 90s Liga MX era? No. The answer is no.

From El Piojo’s glorious, Sonic the Hedgehog-spiky blonde cascade, to the bald-mullet hybrid we’ve lovingly termed a “skullet” that some players were sporting, we take a look back at some of the best Mexi-mullets of the Liga MX.


Miguel Herrera (Atlante)

Player-turned-coach Miguel Herrera once was a blonde defender with a spiky mullet that made him look more like a street-smart hustler living on his wits than Atlante’s right back. He was the most prominent symbol on a team that repped for the country’s quintessential working man, winning the title in 1993.

We probably could have put half that team on this mullet list but El Piojo is the best.


Cle Kooiman (Cruz Azul)

If American soccer fans remember Alexi Lalas as a rockstar and Cobi Jones as a Rasta man, then Cle Kooiman is probably remembered as the prototypical fearsome mullet. Kooiman played in México with Cobras Ciudad Juárez and Cruz Azul in early 90s.


Juan Carlos Vera (Pumas)

A lot of Pumas fans remember the 1990-1991 season fondly. On this squad, the playmaker was Chilean Juan Carlos Vera, who brought a new type of mullet to the Liga Mx: the skullet (kinda bald on top, but still long in the back).

His rattail-like floppy hair was like a baton that kept the rhythm for the champion team of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.


Guadalupe Castañeda (León)

Lupillo Castañeda was one of those players who left their mark on Mexican soccer thanks his consistency. He played in the first league for 19 years and scored only two goals. His mullet and his experience playing alongside Joseph Guardiola in Dorados de Sinaloa were his greatest achievements.


Sergio Almaguer (Tigres)

When the now-coach of Mexico National Team U20 Sergio Almaguer played for the Tigres in early 90s, he looked like a Tigres del Norte musician. Also, like the Tigres del Norte, his talent broke boundaries when he played in the UEFA Champions League with Galatasaray. And his trusty mullet accompanied him.


Jorge Comas (Veracruz)

Comitas arrived to Veracruz, Mexico from the Boca Juniors where he was an idol. He was the best scorer in Liga MX’s 1990 season, with 26 goals in one year. He also had the most symmetrical mullet.


Alex Aguinaga (Necaxa)

The Pichincha Hero arrived to Mexico from Ecuador in 1989 to play with America. In the Mexico City airport he received news that he’d been transferred to Necaxa, which was basically America’s B team (both were owned by Televisa). With his furry mullet, he led Necaxa to become Liga Mx’s team of the decade with several tittles in row: a three leagues, a cup and a Super Cup, Champions League and Super Cup in Concacaf.


Pablo Larios (Puebla)

Some soccer fans in Latin America say to be a good goalie you have to basically be insane. In Mexico, the best example was Pablo Larios Iwasaki. People called him “the jungle-keeper” because of the way he flew after balls inside the box like Tarzan.


Jorge Campos (Pumas)

Jorge Campos dared to combine a subtle mullet with really not-subtle, flamboyant outfits. To be honest, this ‘do was a borderline mullet, but makes the cut. El Brody lifted his first title with the Pumas in the 1990-1991 season.


Misael Espinoza (Chivas)

In the 90s, Misael Espinoza was probably the best dribbler in Mexico. During his time in El Rebaño Sagrado, he was another rep for the skullet. The former San Jose Earthquakes player won a title with Chivas in 1997.


Luis Hernández (Monterrey)

Before conducting peroxide experiments on his head, Luis Hernández wore a shy mullet during his Rayados Monterrey years.