The Dew Tour Touches Down in LA. These Are the 11 Skaters to Watch

Lead Photo: Paul Rodriguez. Photo by Herman Jimenez
Paul Rodriguez. Photo by Herman Jimenez
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The Dew Tour is touching down in Los Angeles this weekend, with the Ace Hotel as its hub, and the festivities are sure to be stellar. Not only will top skateboarders battle it out in a variety of competitions, the sport will be celebrated through art, fashion, music, and the world premiere of the Mountain Dew Green Label Films-produced documentary We Are Blood, which used state of the art cameras and shooting techniques to follow Paul Rodriguez and other top skaters as they travel around the world doing next level skate tricks. 

In anticipation of this weekend’s festivities, here’s a list of eleven skaters to watch for:

Pedro Barros (Skateboard Streetstyle)

Barros is the next best thing in Brazilian skateboarding since Sandro Dias, and he’s only 20 years old. He’s a wizard on the halfpipe and just as masterful in the bowl, and he’s proved it: the Florianopolis native has seen his trophy room triple in size since taking gold at the X Games in 2010.

David González (Skateboard Streetstyle)

Hailing from Bello, a suburb of Medellin, Colombia, González was named Thrasher magazine’s “Skater of the Year” in 2012. His Dew Tour bio dubs him as “the gnarliest skater to emerge from Colombia.

Louie Lopez (Skateboard Streetstyle and Skateboard Street)

Lopez will surely be a crowd favorite this weekend, as the 18-year-old LA native continues to pave the way for the next generation in two events. His insane board control is understandable given that he allegedly skateboards in his sleep.

Milton Martínez (Skateboard Streetstyle)

A native of Mar del Plata, Argentina, Martínez turned pro at age 15 in 2006, and made it big the following year when he took silver at the Mexican X Games. He describes his life philosophy as “make progress, skate, excel and grow as a person.

Leo Romero (Skateboard Streetstyle)

Born in Fontana, California, the son of Mexican American immigrants, Romero received Thrasher’s “Skater of the Year” award in 2010. VICE crowned him the Mexican Johnny Cash in light of the band that he started with his buddies, Travesura.

Felipe Gustavo (Skateboard Street)

In Brasília, Brazil, Gustavo is a celebrity. He successfully turned his passion into a career and supports his family back home through his work in the US. In 2013, the stylish skateboarder joined the Street League Skateboarding Select Series roster.

Paul Rodriguez (Skateboard Street)

Rodriguez also grew up in the LA area, but he didn’t start boarding until he was 12 years old. No worries, though, this didn’t stop him: he was crowned TWS Rookie of the Year in 2002, just two years into his career. Since then, he’s gone on to win multiple X Games and become the first skateboarder with a signature Nike shoe to his name.

Manny Santiago (Skateboard Street)

Nicknamed “Manny Slays All,” Santiago hails from Puerto Rico, and is the first and only Puerto Rican to be in the Street League Skateboarding Select Series. You can currently find him cruising the streets of LA. His missing tooth and beaming smile will make him tough to miss this weekend.

Marcelo Bastos (Skateboard Vert)

Originally from São Paulo, Bastos is a young Brazilian with enough experience and flare to beat the vets. Most recently, he took first place at Red Bull Vert evolution in São Paulo and fifth place at Dew Tour Ocean City in 2014.

Sandro Dias (Skateboard Vert)

Dias is a member of the notorious 900 Club, one of only ten people confirmed to have pulled off the impossible trick. The Brazilian’s extensive list of accolades is highlighted by six world vert skateboarding titles.

Rony Gomes (Skateboard Vert)

Another São Paulo native, Gomes’ raw talent led him to a 2009 Tampa Am vert win before turning pro for Drop Dead Skateboard in 2010. He still resides in Brazil, but is often found in the US for skating trips like this one.