Why El Piojo Will Be the Best Thing to Happen To the Internet This Summer

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We were all pretty excited during last summer’s World Cup, but there was no one on planet Earth as excited as Mexico’s coach, Miguel “El Piojo” Herrera.

He punched the air. He dry-humped defender Paul Aguilar. He carried goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa like a baby. He celebrated with capillary-bursting facial contortions that inspired countless memes and Super Saiyan gifs. Basically, he became one of the most entertaining parts of the entire World Cup – and he did it all in just four games.

With Mexico playing two international tournaments this summer, we can expect an exponential increase in El Piojo antics in these upcoming months. Here’s why he’ll be the biggest gift to our summer 2015 internet.


Manufacturing nostalgia is serious internet business. Churning up things from the past – 90s fashion, retro technology, 60s photo filters, etc.–and dragging them into our digital present has become so de rigueur that instagram’s #tbt hashtag pulls up more than 350 million photos. And there’s no better fit than El Piojo for a good old fashioned bout of nostalgia – starting with photos of the glorious mullet he sported back in the day.

Herrera was a player for El Tri during the 1993 edition of the Copa America in Ecuador – the first time Mexico participated in the tournament. He helped lead them to a final, where they eventually lost to Batistuta’s Argentina in a tight 2-1 game. This year, El Piojo is going back to the tournament for the fist time since that final, with the same passion and fury that characterized him as a player. We can’t expect anything less than Herrera’s best attempt at redemption. And we’re going to feel nostalgic as fuh watching him.

His Love For Soccer Will Give You the Feels

If you follow El Piojo on twitter, his passionate love for soccer is immediately clear. He loves being Mexico’s coach. He is so excited for what’s coming. He’s super proud of Mexico and believes he can win ~anything~. His passion, positivity and enthusiasm is definitely corny but also so heart-warming. Nothing gets you in the guts like someone with a dream :two_hearts: 

Mexico Faces Some Tough Matches

Just like in the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, Mexico will be playing the host team (Chile) during the Copa América, and it will probably prove their toughest test in the 1st round. With stars such as Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal, the host squad is sure to be on top of Mexico most of the game – and we all know the tough matches are when Peak Piojo emerges. Whether the end results are positive or negative expect faces, furies, and celebrations (maybe)?

The El Tri - USMNT Rivalry

El Piojo wants to defeat Klinsmann’s U.S squad –badly. The USMNT has now a six game winning streak against Mexico. After the last win, the U.S Soccer Federation mocked Mexico with a #dosacero tweet. There is much more on the line during the Copa América than the #dosacero jab last April. Both teams will be fighting for a spot in the 2017 Confederations Cup. El Piojo is taking the B team to the Copa America in order to win the Gold Cup; so he has to win, and we can be sure the pressure will be released through jumps, screams, and passionately hugging other grown men during celebrations.

The Stuff He Does Off the Field

In an interview with Mexican newspaper Record, El Piojo Herrera stated that he was a “metrosexual” and a “techie.” He is the public face of Mexican State Chiapas’ promotional tourism campaign Chiapasonate (a portmanteau of apasionate and Chiapas…get it?). He was also cast in Moderatto’s infamous Mexico World Cup music video. Bottom line: even off the field Herrera does stuff that makes us laugh/warms our heart.