3Ball MTY: Toy Selectah Proteges and their Ghetto Cumbia

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Do you find all this neo-cumbia thing to be a lil’ too pretentiously artsy and hipster friendly? Well, here’s the next step in the global electropical evolution: straight from the grimy streets of Mexico City and Monterrey, a whole new youth movement that’s making cumbia sound ghetto, all over again.

This sounds like it could be the Mexican answer to Brazilian favela funk. Just put some irresistibly frenetic, guaracha-based uptempo beats, combined with low-fi early-90s techno and samples of gun-clocking sounds in the hands of a bunch of underage DJs and bedroom producers that go by odd names like Erick Rincón, Sheeqo Beat, and DJ Otto. What you get is non-stop, tribal-mex-rave ecstasy with a naco twist.

According to neo-cumbia pioneer and top Latin remixer Toy Selectah, this is pretty much the next best thing. And he was right when he anticipated the reggaeton crossover six years ago. Global taste-makers Diplo, Sinden and Brodinski are already down and blogging about it. So, if you wan to know what the dancefloors are probably gonna be bumping a couple of years from now, you better pay attention to Toy and his new protégés, who go by the collective name of 3Ball MTY. They’ve recently put together this super-energetic, self-titled EP, available for download below for FREE.

Chequealos: Download or stream 3Ball MTY Crew’s free EP and keep an ear out for more dirty goodness.