424 Brings René Magritte's Paintings to Life In "Al Hueco" Video [C.R.]

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All eyes are on Costa Rica thanks to their fabulous World Cup football team. However, the eyes and the ears of the world especially should also be glued to the country for its music. I’m referring specifically to alt-rock group 424.

The band from San José may not have the most creative name, bur their latest video is a literal work of art. Maybe I should say it’s a re-imagining of art because the band, along with the aid of 20 people, spent seven months bringing the paintings of René Magritte (World Cup-related fact: he was Belgian) to life.

Come to think of it, why did it take so long for someone to recreate some of Magritte’s known pieces in live action? That doesn’t matter anymore. It exists now and it’s beautiful.

[insert-video youtube=VVw1kpkIMnE]