60 Soothing Songs To Help You Cope With Election Anxiety

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Election Day is over. American citizens have casted their votes and there’s nothing left to do but wait–an excruciating wait–until every single vote is counted in those disputed states where a winner hasn’t still been called. The race is insanely close, and we’re in a state of collective anxiety that will last until the future of the United States is decided, but music is here once again to hug us tight and ease our nerves.

Here at Remezcla, we compiled a playlist to relax to, featuring calming sounds, reassuring messages, and even a bit of humor to take our minds off the nerve-wrecking reality, at least for a couple of hours. Hit play and get lost in the music, and maybe think about the Squad being reelected or about the first transgender state senator  and the first openly gay Afro-Latino congressman to win the election. Good vibes only.