8 Latin Artists remix Columpio Asesino's "Toro"

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Spain’s Columpio Asesino made a song, and that song went on to inspire many new Latin genre pioneers to take their producing skills and remix the hell out of “Toro” to other sonic realms (off Diamantes via Mushroom Pillow, 2011). The stellar single became a white canvas for eight artists to paint their own signature brand adding their own sazón. Even for us music junkies, we can’t get enough of this track, and can say this single has been featured the most in this blog. In its latest, we previewed the complete remix of Mexico’s shoegaze indie rocker Rey Pila‘s “Toro,” which we’ll add on below for your listening pleasures.

Toro (Rey Pila Remix) – El Columpio Asesino by Circulo Mixup

Chilean duo Dënver slows down the pace and adds some shimmery and ambient electro textures that stays true to their brand as we once described them sounding like “the innocence of youth.”

Toro (Dënver Remix) – El Columpio Asesino by Circulo Mixup

Venezuela’s Algodón Egipcio adds a bump n’ bass keeping that “ugh, umm, woo” syncopated steady measure throughout the verse of the track. Stream below and there’s even that “free download” option for you to own it.

El Columpio Asesino – Toro (Algodon Egipcio RMX) by PanamériKa

Mexico-based Disco Ruido really shone through their remix by incorporating a suspenseful intro bass-line that sticks throughout the tune, which then escalates to crazed-out realms. The rock in it gets disco-house. This blog offers it as a free download.

Tijuana’s ruidoson pioneer María y José (alias Tony Gallardo) piles heavy electro with club disco beats including that chiflido sound that local bartenders blow out their whistles and then shove vodka down your throat and rattles your head on Ave. Revolución. Shit, don’t mean to sound cliché. Anyhow, this one’s a great mix!

[insert-video youtube=uWmRyEJYqLE]

You’ll probably wanna indulge in some non-kosher activities after listening to the rest! So I’ll leave you with the track list below and encourage you to get your hands on all of them, which you can do HERE!

Track list:

01. Dënver (remix)
02. Algodón Egipcio (remix)
03. Disco Ruido (remix)
04. María y José. El Toro Anda Bravo (remix)
05. Rey Pila (remix)
06. De Mentira y Motivado (remix)
07. Balún (remix)
08. Sussie 4 (remix-radio edit)