Video Premiere: A Tribe Called Red & Javier Estrada – "Sopranos Azteca"

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There’s been a recent trend among DJs returning back to their folkloric roots. And while we’ve seen a rise in the past years of electro-heavy hybrids in the turntables (moombahton, ruidosón, tribal guarachero, etc.), there’s something at play where DJs/producers connect back to ancestral sounds. About a year ago, Monterrey-based DJ Javier Estrada made a moombah, pre-hispanic dub track that intersects with Aztec melodies and drum beats, under the label that gives ya the best of transnational bass, Generation Bass. Soon after, this very track went on to inspire a whole field of prominent DJs to manipulate “Guerreros Azteca” in other hybrid realms; among them are DJ Sabbo, Matanza and A Tribe Called Red. The remix by Canada-based A Tribe Called Red, composed of DJs NDN, Bear Witness, and Shub, hyped up the BPMs of the original, and added some killer dance hall beats making it über-dancefloor friendly.

However, in this video triology by Bear Witness, it’s not only about complementing the uniqueness of this pow wow tribal step tune, but it goes further into history highlighting today’s most common misconceptions about colonization. Dubbing the popular TV series The Sopranos, the characters discuss the meanings behind Columbus Day and the indigenous populations, bringing both sides of the debate to light: whether Columbus was a slave trader who inspired the genocide of indigenous people or a grand conquistador and hero to America. This is pt. 1, stay tuned for the following two.

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A Tribe Called Red and Javier Estrella are set to go on a US/Canadian tour.
For the complete tour dates click HERE. Download the album below: