Here’s a Sneak Peek at AAAA’s Sinister New Video for Acid Techno Track “Wolves Rough Kiss”

Lead Photo: AAAA. Courtesy of the artist
AAAA. Courtesy of the artist
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Gabriel Barranco, better known as electronic producer AAAA, is premiering his new video this week at Mexico City’s Centro de Cultura Digital through a special event organized by Raymondstock. The Mexican producer chose “Wolves Rough Kiss” as the upcoming single off his True Peak EP, recently released through Dutch label New York Haunted. The dark and neurotic acid techno track will now have matching visuals directed by Daniel Acosta.

The video premiere is set to take place on July 28, and a conversation with Acosta will follow the event. Barranco is also performing a live set, while artist Mitch Martínez will join him, manipulating footage recorded for the video for a live visual show. Local DJ Frankie, of Dance Your Name fame (a series of electronic music parties in Mexico City), will also perform.

AAAA released True Peak in early May, and the release marks a shift in the Mexican producer’s sound towards a rawer, acid-inflected take on techno. It also features “Shelters Protect You,” a collaboration with producer Tin Man, and it’s the only track that shares the melodic approach he took on his previous release, Shiva Watts (Maligna, 2014). Barranco was recently picked to participate in this year’s edition of Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal, alongside 69 more artists from all over the world.

Peep the video trailer here, and check out the flyer below. For more info, click here.